The lovely Duskwatcher2153 suggested me the following article by Michael Klingensmith:

    Learning how to break chapters into paragraphs can seem simple and not as important as other writing problems. Instead, with a great paragraph division you can actually improve your story and your relationship with your readers: with an effective structure, you'll tell them clearly when when you're switching time, place, topic or speaker.

    According to Klingensmith, "new paragraphs [...] help break the page up so it is not just a solid block of writing. Seeing that can be discouraging, and you don't want your reader to be discouraged before she even starts to read."

    Reading When to make a new paragraph, you'll learn to break your paragraphs
    • When you start in on a new topic
    • When you skip to a new time
    • When you skip to a new place
    • When a new person begins to speak
    • When you want to produce a dramatic effect
    After reading the article, enjoy a story with great paragraphs, full of excellent contents: check "A Litany at Dusk" by Duskwatcher2153 and her other stories!

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    1. dear Raum
      thanks for these blogs, they are really helpful.

    2. Dear AnnaLund,

      thank you for your comment! I'm very glad that these posts can be useful!

      - Raum


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