K.M. Weiland, from Nebraska, is a published author of historical and speculative fiction. She mentors other authors through her writing tips, editing services, and workshops.
This week, let's read together her article

The 3 Integral Components of a Story’s Beginning

The author tells how to highlight the three integral components found in almost every successful opening.

Character. Action. Setting.

Here's an excerpt:

"Barnes and Noble editorial director Liz Scheier offers an anecdote (about a professor demanding active verbs) that sums up the necessity of these three elements. Scheier writes:
A professor of mine once posed it to me this way, thumping the podium for emphasis: “It’s not ‘World War II began’! It’s ‘Hitler. Invaded. Poland.’”
Scheier’s professor not only made a sturdy case for the active voice, he also offered a powerful beginning. Let’s take a closer look."

Your comments, and your suggestions for (new) writers, are welcome! Thank you!
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