Imagine you're a twenty-two year old woman who lives close to her parents in a quiet city you love. Out of the blue, an inexplicable epidemic hits the planet. 

Around you, people start dying: you lose your neighbors, your friends and, eventually, your parents. You are now alone in your apartment, in a deserted town full of decomposing corpses. As the illness spreads, the utilities stop working, and the same happens to radio and TV. But, strangely, you are immune

So, what do you do?

Lissa Bryan makes us see the world – a world that is falling apart – through the eyes of Carly Daniels, and from the beginning we're encouraged to think about what we would do in her shoes.

At first, Carly lives in denial and simply waits for the nightmare to pass. She tells herself that somebody will come; somebody will start putting the chaos in order, and civilization will resume. She lives a suspended existence, doing absurd things, like going regularly to a supermarket, taking what she needs from the depleted shelves and leaving money for it. It's obvious that nobody will ever collect that money, but Carly refuses to face reality.

An unusual friend is the only reason why she's still retaining some sanity: she's adopted a puppy, but it's not the dog she believes it to be.
Carly becomes very scared and suspicious, and even more so when a healthy man camps in the street in front of her house. A biker with tattoos, he is the epitome of what her father warned her about before succumbing to the illness. But, we soon learn, Justin is a decent guy – besides being quite handsome - and he manages to win her trust. A former military man who served in a special corp – one that Carly's father knew well and trusted – Justin is particularly suited to survive the end of civilization. And a key to survival is to get the hell out of Carly’s town, because they're in Alaska and there is no way to survive the winter, when it comes.

The journey toward warmer climates begins. Carly and Justin leave with Sam— not a dog, like Carly had thought, but a stray wolf cub.

Lissa Bryan describes this adventure very well, and once again we reflect upon the characters' choices. Carly and Justin go by bike; when they collect what they'll need they don't take money or gold, but food and medicines, for themselves and for bartering. Some weapons and ammunitions prove to be more useful than any luxury or electronic device. As they go, they collect animals too – Carly is special in this sense, because even wild animals come to her. After Sam the wolf, a horse and a cat will follow.

The plot is realistic and full of twists. The main characters meet other survivors occasionally, and Carly has to learn a hard lesson: she can’t save everybody, and the little they have is not for sharing. Plus, in a world that has reverted to a jungle, there are predators out there; people prepared to kill for what they need. It is not surprising that a love story develops among the former soldier and the girl, and their love isn't out of necessity – like it is the case of other people they meet - but it represents the real meeting of two soul mates. Carly and Justin talk about their past, they share their secrets and help each other to continue hoping.

Over the months, their love will fully blossom.

Lissa Bryan has written a wonderful story, an apocalyptic on the road tale that will capture you from the first page. You read on with suspended breath as Carly and Justin encounter and overcome dangers and difficulties, in the hopes that somehow, somewhere, there will be a safe haven for them.

While the story is completed in itself, we understand that there is going to be a sequel, one worth waiting for.

Camilla & Raum 

The End of All Things is available on the TWCS site

Lissa Bryan is an astronaut, renowned Kabuki actress, Olympic pole vault gold medalist, Iron Chef champion, and scientist who recently discovered the cure for athlete's foot.... though only in her head. Real life isn't so interesting, which is why she spends most of her time writing.

Her first novel, Ghostwriter, was released October 11, 2012.


"The life of Charlie and Bella Swan was devastated when Renée was murdered by a serial killer: The Drainer. Charlie, a former FBI profiler, is convinced that the killer is a vampire, and that those creatures are real. Nobody believes him, till the day he captures one of the undead."

The first chapter is now available:

Camilla wrote a short poem for the chapter, and SatinCoveredSteel helped to translate it:

Qui comincia l'avventura
di un profiler testa dura;
coi vampiri s'è fissato
e alfin uno n'ha trovato.

Here begins the adventure
of a stubborn profiler;
vampires are his obsession
and he’s finally found one.


The next chapter is due to be posted next Monday.


I usually don't read non-canon pairings, but if you want to meet a great Mike, this is the right story for you!
Summary: Because nice guys shouldn't always have to finish last. One-shot. Complete.


In a few days, I'm beginning to post a new multichapter story.

Would you put me on author alert? http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2351159/Raum
TITLE: "Snare" 

A big portion of Snare was written during my first NaNoWriMo (November 2012). I completed NaNoWriMo with more than 51,000 words, but the whole story will be much longer. The first draft is already written, and the prereaders/betas are working on it. Thanks to Camilla, SatinCoveredSteel, and Marlena580 who are taking care of this Edward.
This story is based on Twilight and on other fics, such as True Nature or Soldier X. Charles Swan is loosely based on some characters from the popular TV series Criminal Minds. Anyway, this is NOT a crossover. Expect one hundred percent Twilight, vampires included

T E A S E R    T I M E !

Chapter 1

The Drainer

“Better be important,” Charles Swan grumbled into the phone. The call had awakened him in the middle of the night, just when it seemed that his usual nightmares wouldn't disturb his slumber.

“Sherman talking. I'm in a motel in Tacoma. Can you get here tonight?”

Charlie's blood went cold at the news that Brian Sherman, the FBI special agent who had been his partner for years in the Bureau, was in the city where they used to meet. “Has something new turned up about...?”

He didn't need to complete the sentence. His colleague knew how Charlie hated the nickname the media had given to the serial killer who had stolen everything from him. Years before, The Drainer had slaughtered eight people in the Seattle area. The bodies had been found in awful condition—some showed signs of massive blunt force trauma, while others had been partially burned—and they all had one thing in common: every one of them had been bled dry.

“I can't tell you anything more over the phone. Come here and we'll talk.”

See you next week!


This vampire story by Camilla is short and complete; it will give you many reasons to think and discuss...

Summary: On Isle Esme Edward feels compelled to share with Bella something about his past and his sexuality. Slightly OOC. "I knew that, had he wanted me in his bed, I would have gone along..." Complete.


Bookish Temptations featured a bunch of amazing stories in the last instalment of Fan Fic Friday, "Girl Power." If you want "a strong Bella, but not necessarily a weak Edward," you can't miss them.

Katiebirdie featured Carnelian and Ice among the recommended stories. Thank you!


This story captured me thanks to the way the relationship between Edward and Bella is developed. When their lives are dramatically changed, they fight hard, and not just in the cage. The story is updated every Friday!

Summary: This is not made for TV. This is the raw, brutal underground of no-holds-barred combat. Inside the cage there is nothing but me and the pain I inflict on those who dare enter. In the cage, I never had to worry about anyone but myself. When she started standing outside of it, everything changed. I was no longer fighting for the money or the glory – I had to fight for her.


I've been asked to make a blinkie for this one-shot. Would you like to read the story and share your thoughts about it?

Summary: One-shot: When celebrity life gets to Rob, he takes a weekend to recharge his batteries & meet his all time favorite author. What happens when the author turns out to be nothing like he suspected? RPF/M/Lang/Lemons. Complete.


If after the holidays you can't stomach too much sweetness, you'll enjoy this dark story by Savage. It's complete.


Summary: Bloodthirsty vampire Edward Cullen has but a single goal in his pointless existence – lose his virginity with a human. He will stop at nothing to entice the unusual girl he saves in the street, but can he claim her body without killing her? AU, EPOV, M.


The first story I've read this year is a gem! It comes from the talented pen (or keyboard) of Lissa Bryan, and it's a fabulous one-shot:
Summary: Alice thinks her introverted sister, Bella, needs to get out and enjoy life, so she signs her up for tango lessons. Thanks to a sexy, hands-on instructor, Bella will learn more than just the steps. Rated M, OOC/AU. AH.

Don't miss it because...

This story is the ideal one if you want to begin the new year with the resolution to make your life more exciting. Sometimes a little change can bring bright colors to all the other aspects of your daily life. 

This story has been written for a very noble initiative (Stand Up 4 Katalina), a fundraiser that was able to raise almost $13,000 for cancer research.

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