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TITLE: "Snare" 

A big portion of Snare was written during my first NaNoWriMo (November 2012). I completed NaNoWriMo with more than 51,000 words, but the whole story will be much longer. The first draft is already written, and the prereaders/betas are working on it. Thanks to Camilla, SatinCoveredSteel, and Marlena580 who are taking care of this Edward.
This story is based on Twilight and on other fics, such as True Nature or Soldier X. Charles Swan is loosely based on some characters from the popular TV series Criminal Minds. Anyway, this is NOT a crossover. Expect one hundred percent Twilight, vampires included

T E A S E R    T I M E !

Chapter 1

The Drainer

“Better be important,” Charles Swan grumbled into the phone. The call had awakened him in the middle of the night, just when it seemed that his usual nightmares wouldn't disturb his slumber.

“Sherman talking. I'm in a motel in Tacoma. Can you get here tonight?”

Charlie's blood went cold at the news that Brian Sherman, the FBI special agent who had been his partner for years in the Bureau, was in the city where they used to meet. “Has something new turned up about...?”

He didn't need to complete the sentence. His colleague knew how Charlie hated the nickname the media had given to the serial killer who had stolen everything from him. Years before, The Drainer had slaughtered eight people in the Seattle area. The bodies had been found in awful condition—some showed signs of massive blunt force trauma, while others had been partially burned—and they all had one thing in common: every one of them had been bled dry.

“I can't tell you anything more over the phone. Come here and we'll talk.”

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