The first story I've read this year is a gem! It comes from the talented pen (or keyboard) of Lissa Bryan, and it's a fabulous one-shot:
Summary: Alice thinks her introverted sister, Bella, needs to get out and enjoy life, so she signs her up for tango lessons. Thanks to a sexy, hands-on instructor, Bella will learn more than just the steps. Rated M, OOC/AU. AH.

Don't miss it because...

This story is the ideal one if you want to begin the new year with the resolution to make your life more exciting. Sometimes a little change can bring bright colors to all the other aspects of your daily life. 

This story has been written for a very noble initiative (Stand Up 4 Katalina), a fundraiser that was able to raise almost $13,000 for cancer research.

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  1. I recommend this story too. I agree about taking chances...sometimes you just have to be brave and take the plunge!

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you liked the story!

      - Raum


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