"Why read about worlds that I cannot have?"
This is the line that hit me most reading the new one-shot

When I reviewed An angry man, I said that when you close the vampire book you're reading, the horror that fantasy monsters represent suddenly disappears, while it's not the same with other horrors of our world.
This new story by Katinki deals with modern-day slaves.
Most readers choose fanfics to get some moments of entertainment, that can be very rare and precious in a busy real life.
Many readers don't forgive an author if the writer doesn't give them a traditional HEA, with sunshine and rainbows, at the end of every single story.
Canon Bella is an avid reader and she's featured this way in many TwiFics. In A Voice in the Darkness, Bella loses even her passion for reading. Everything has been taken from her, even the opportunity to dream and to hope.
If we all can dream reading a story, it's because, although we can be often busy, tired, torn between sad and happy moments, we still have at least the freedom to think, to imagine, to pursue our happiness.

This story reminds us that human debasement happened in the past and it still happens today, "even if the oppressor is attractive and named Edward".


The more I read (and write) fanfiction, the more I'm becoming interested in the writing process and in different writing styles, sometimes even more than in the story plot!
I've recently read Hide and Drink by Shay Savage. I was impressed not only by  the very original plot  she created, but also by her amazing writing style; so I immediately continued to read her other works. Unespected Circumstances, still in progress, caught my attention because of the attention that the author gives to every detail to develop the main themes of her story (Edward and Bella deal with their fears of rejection, the discovery of their bodies, the bases of a relationship that started in an unusual way, at least for a modern reader).
And then, this outstanding author started another story: Could Be Worse, Right?

This new twific is made by short chapters and is updated every day, often more than once a day! At the end of her 12th chapter, Savage wrote: 
"Writing like this is completely new to me, and I'm learning a lot from doing it this way!"

So I wondered: "What does she mean? How is it changing her writing process?". I sent her these questions via Twitter and...she's been so kind that in a matter of minutes (!) she answered with a post on her blog!
I found her answer brilliant and inspiring and I think it elicits many new writing questions. What do you think about it?


There was a time when I didn't read any AH fanfics. Then I found The University of Edward Masen, by Sebastien Robichaud.
There was a time when I used to read only "Edward and Bella" fanfics; then, I found 
Summary: "They called her the Ice Queen. They called him Mister McCarty. This is their story. AU/AH/OOC/Some canon elements".

Don't miss it because...

Rosalie's past is one of the most detailed of the entire saga and her issues about the nature of her life and her unsatisfied desire for maternity make her much less of a "teenager" than the other Cullen kids.
Emmett is often portrayed just as a nice big guy, while he should be credited with a deeper and more fascinating character.
When this new fanfic started, I was sure that Sebastien Robichaud was going to create a surprising  Emmett. After some chapters, I think I was right.
Sebastien Robichaud is one of the most generous writers I've ever met; there are different ways to be generous: you can donate something you don't need anymore, you can donate your money, or you can donate something unique, such as your time or your talents.
If you give a thing that was yours to somebody, then you don't have it anymore. Instead, if you discuss an idea, if you share your culture, if you help somebody, you won't have less ideas, or less culture, or less compassion.
In cyberspace, I met many readers of The University of Edward Masen, who told me that this story piqued their interest in the cultural, literary, artistic references so well described, helped them to deal with loss, helped them to think about atonement and hope, and made them desire to fall in love again because Sebastien Robichaud has an extraordinary talent when he describes love and lovemaking as it should be.
In The Ice Queen, the story of Rosalie and Emmett is, at least so far, the story of a genuine friendship, where support, care, and help are given to another person just out of love and without any second thought.
I believe that every person dreams to be loved as Edward loves Bella in the UOEM or wishes to find a friend like Emmett. But we should try to focus on what we give more than on what we get: do we love the most important person of our life as Edward cherishes Bella? Are we so good to our friends as Emmett is towards Rosalie?
Reading (and re-reading) Sebastien Robichaud's pages is like giving yourself a gift: his writing style is perfectly polished, every word is carefully chosen and even his brackets are always little pearls of irony and often also precious bits of literary or social criticism.

If you read this fanfic, please don't forget to tell the author that "Raum sent you" and say "Ciao!" from me! Thanks! 

Reading the UOEM I met Serendipitous/MeilleurCafè (don't forget to check her stories!) and she introduced me to Camilla, whom I'd like to thank once again for her precious help.


What would you say if there was a world where Breaking Dawn continues, till you are brought to many years after that, so that you can discover about Alice’s lost family (The Brandons), and about Leah’s (surprising) imprint? (Heaven Help My Heart). A world where you can also learn what happened in the interval between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and how things really went on Isle Esme…and beyond (I Hunger for Your Touch and the stories that precede that).

You would say that you have stumbled on the wonderful universe
has created for us. A universe where vampires are capable of growth, and things start moving for them.

Don’t miss going there, because:

The Edward she has imagined is too adorable for words. Touched and transformed by love, he becomes strong and wise, a leader of vampires, humans and wolves. One capable of challenging Caius (the real monster of the story) and redeeming Aro. No longer a prude Victorian, you will see that he can make Carlisle blush (did you know? Vampires blushing become all silvery), grow a beard (yeah, when roughing it in the Amazon) and speak with God (he finally acknowledges that, indeed, he has a soul).

At his side, Bella is the unique mate created for him, brave, brilliant and sexy, the only one capable of keeping him on his toes, but still prepared to risk everything on his behalf.

Jmolly, a Canadian author, weaves a magic tapestry that is still mindful of Canon, one where you gladly lose yourself, enchanted by her love scenes (explicit, but strictly monogamous), by the intensely dramatic moments and by the many humorous ones. You read, you laugh, sometimes you cry and you are craving more stories, more chapters… till she delivers, faithfully.


Would you like to spend a night in Paris? Have you ever discovered the aphrodisiac power of Proust and Balzac? How inspiring can a painting by Chagall be?
Are you looking for an elegant, delicate and unforgettable oneshot?

If so, go read 

previously posted on Southern Fanfiction Review

I made a blinkie for Sebastien Robichaud's oneshotSummary: "Edward and Bella spend an evening in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. He has a black turtleneck. She has a copy of Balzac. A side-shot future take from "The Ice Queen and Mister McCarty."

I made a blinkie for this story, feel free to grab it!

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Vampires are monsters, even according to themselves. They're dangerous, or at least that is what Edward states in Twilight, saying that he is "the world's most dangerous predator". But when you close the vampire book you're reading, or when you switch off your television or your computer, the horror that vampires represent suddenly disappears.
It's not the same with other horrors that are described in the following twifics.

Summary: "Edward is a bitter, angry man, a man suffering the sins of his past. An emotional & physical recluse, he pushes everyone away. That is, until Bella, a mysterious woman with her own demons, enters his world and forces him to face himself. AH."

Don't miss it because...
Edward and Bella must deal with sorrow, death, guilt and the loss of every hope. Katinki brings to the attention of her readers themes as alcoholism/ substance abuse and depression. But this story is also about friendship, about the possibility to heal thanks to another person that, although far from perfect, prefers to offer acceptance instead of judgement. The author shows that sometimes our lives seem destroyed and some of us experience years and years of total darkness. The path of Katinki's characters is not always easy and they often experience two steps forward and a step back. But then, just when the night seems neverending, here comes a shy dawn.

Summary: "Bella finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage, whilst going through the motions of everyday life. Her only form of escapism is the romance novels written by the recently retired, reclusive author E.A.M Cullen."

Don't miss it because...
If you thought that the evil vampire James was the worst character that the first Twilight book could offer, you were really wrong. In this fic, James is a so called "human", because he's a disgusting, abusive husband, far worse than any vampire. Flubbles shows a great courage dealing with a truly difficult subject. Her story is written so well that she makes her readers feel Bella's pain and desperation. Bella's broken, she's lost self-esteem, freedom, courage. Edward has an old guilt buried in his heart. This story shows how precious a friendship can be to regain dignity and hope.

If you read these fanfics, please don't forget to tell the authors that "Raum sent you" and say "Ciao!" from me! Thanks!  
I'd like to thank Camilla for her kind and precious suggestions. Don't miss her fanfics!


Once upon a time, there was a man who claimed to have three souls.
He was a writer and he used these word to explain his condition: "tria corda". It's Latin, because Ennius -- this is his name -- lived between 239 and 169 b.C.
His statement about his souls, or about his "hearts", if we translate literally his latin expression, has nothing to do with religion. Ennius was referring to the languages he knew and used. They were Oscan (his mothertongue), Greek, that was the "international" language in the Mediterranean area, and Latin, that was the language of his masters.
Yes, masters, because Ennius arrived in Rome as a slave. He was one of the first and most important authors of a literature that was written in his third language.

In the Twilight fandom, I've read the stories of many authors who write in English but aren't native speakers.
They have different methods -- someone writes immediately in English, someone translates from his/her native language -- and I was surprised to know that someone finds difficult to say the same things he/she'd created in English in his/her own language!

Do you consider languages as bridges or as gaps?

What is your experience about writing in a foreign language?
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