What would you say if there was a world where Breaking Dawn continues, till you are brought to many years after that, so that you can discover about Alice’s lost family (The Brandons), and about Leah’s (surprising) imprint? (Heaven Help My Heart). A world where you can also learn what happened in the interval between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and how things really went on Isle Esme…and beyond (I Hunger for Your Touch and the stories that precede that).

You would say that you have stumbled on the wonderful universe
has created for us. A universe where vampires are capable of growth, and things start moving for them.

Don’t miss going there, because:

The Edward she has imagined is too adorable for words. Touched and transformed by love, he becomes strong and wise, a leader of vampires, humans and wolves. One capable of challenging Caius (the real monster of the story) and redeeming Aro. No longer a prude Victorian, you will see that he can make Carlisle blush (did you know? Vampires blushing become all silvery), grow a beard (yeah, when roughing it in the Amazon) and speak with God (he finally acknowledges that, indeed, he has a soul).

At his side, Bella is the unique mate created for him, brave, brilliant and sexy, the only one capable of keeping him on his toes, but still prepared to risk everything on his behalf.

Jmolly, a Canadian author, weaves a magic tapestry that is still mindful of Canon, one where you gladly lose yourself, enchanted by her love scenes (explicit, but strictly monogamous), by the intensely dramatic moments and by the many humorous ones. You read, you laugh, sometimes you cry and you are craving more stories, more chapters… till she delivers, faithfully.


  1. This idea of a guest post is great!

    I hope you'll do it again!

    I appreciated a lot Camilla's stories, I'll check also Jmolly's ones!

    Thank you Camilla for this fascinating review about Jmolly!

  2. Congrats on this great guest post!

    These works by Jmolly seem really interesting, I'll spread the news!




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