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Summary: "A chance encounter. A vampire in fairy tale. One single day and his eternal life is changed forever." AU, ExB."
Moments like these were one of the few pleasures I still enjoyed. To me,...


Did you ever desire to meet Edward both in his human and in his vampire persona? What would had happened if Bella and Edward had fallen in love when he was still human and in a different historical context? You can find fascinating answers to these questions reading

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Summary: "This is an AU historical novel with vampires, set in Italy during WW II. Edward Masen, an American paratrooper, meets Bella and loves her passionately, until two Volturi warriors make a vampire of him... Nominated for the Hidden Star Awards".

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Camilla made a huge historical research to provide an accurate setting for her fic. She's an Italian author and her description of the difficult Italian situation during the II World War is based not only on history books, but also on memories from her own family.
She doesn't deal only with the war, but also with the Shoah, with particular attention to the point of view of Jewish characters; her story made me remember also Roberto Benigni's Academy award winning movie La vita รจ bella (Life is beautiful) and Giorgio Bassani's novel Il giardino dei Finzi Contini (The Garden of the Finzi-Continis).
Although this fic is an AU and although when the story starts we meet a human Edward, her characters are canon: Edward is thoughtful and has deep values; Bella is passionate and capable of great sacrifices for the man she loves, and she's featured as a smart and strong young woman. They need to be strong, because they're facing many difficulties: they are from different countries, Italy is at war, and...you'll discover the rest reading this novel!
This is not an AH story and Camilla is very sensitive also when she describes the passage from a human life to a vampiric one: she's capable to summarize this condition, with all the turmoil of the newborn vampire, with a few effective sentences, as in her writing style.
Let's read this key passage:

"All that I lived for, all that made me what I was, is gone.
My life has been taken from me.
I have killed two innocents already, and I will surely kill again, such is my nature.
My humanity has been taken from me. [...]
I am a monster walking on legs. "You will never sleep again," they told me, "you will never eat again." And I can't cry.
My body has been taken from me".

This story is complete, but it absolutely deserves a sequel!

Camilla is also a very perceptive reader and I guess that very few people in this fandom have read as many fics as she has (ask her, I still have to find a good twific that she's not already read!). She offers very fine comments on the Twilight saga on her profile on Fanfiction.net; I'm sure that they provide many ideas for further discussion!
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Are you dreaming of a good fic that is updated daily? yes, daily!
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Summary: "Conversations over coffee. Sometimes when you meet "the one," falling is easy – as simple as talking. Effortless. You just have to find the words. AH".

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I was hooked after just two days: this new fanfic is characterized by a flirting Edward, a sweet Bella, a touch of suspense, a lot of humour, all together! The delicate and exciting game of falling in love is told day by day, thanks to the updates that come every morning, as a good cup of coffee.

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Many stories show that a darker version of the Twilight saga could be highly appreciated in this fandom; they usually offer an older Bella -- because this way she had the time to have a wider life experience -- and an even more conflicted Edward (although the canon character was already full of guilt and sorrow). The works in progress I'm currently reading offer a good plot and I like the way they build  the relationship between our beloved vampire and his mate, creating fascinating new elements.

Summary: "Bella Swan is a graduate student drawn into a world of dreams. Edward Cullen is a beautiful immortal vampire. High in the hills of the Tuscany region of Italy is a town called Volterra that inexplicably links these two disparate lives".

Don't miss it because:
Are you ready for a long journey in different countries and different times? This story is absolutely AU and will change everything you (are supposed to) know about Twilight: when did Edward first meet Bella? when did the Volturi discover Bella's existence? What is Aro's role in the relationship between Bella and Edward?
This story has a complex plot and is told at times in first person -- with different points of view -- and at times in third person; the writer at times follows separately Edward's story and Bella's daily life, at times put them together; after the first chapters, I was really looking forward to the scenes where they are finally together. Besides, MG2112 has put in this story new key characters, as a terrible, evil vampire called Requiem. I often wondered about the pre-vampire life of some Twilight characters, as the Volturi or James, Victoria and Laurent: reading this fic I was really surprised to meet the well-know James in a new - but completely reliable - role.

Summary: ""It should have scared me, but it didn't. I shouldn't have wanted it, but I did." Dark and empty. Lonely and unfulfilled. Can two broken souls find connection in spite of their differences? E/B OOC Rated M because there will be sex and it will be hot".

Don't miss it because...
This fic doesn't betray its title: the atmosphere is so dark that it seems that everything happens at nightime; the author creates immediately some mysteries and introduces many themes to discuss, as Edward's inner turmoil, his doubts about telling Bella the truth about his nature, Bella's sadness, her loving acceptance of Edward.
But cliffs and suspence are not the only reasons to recommend this good fic: I think its best feature is the way Cosmogirl7481 describes feelings and emotions. She shows a great ability to get into Bella's and Edward's souls and she creates a strong empathy between characters and readers. Besides, she finds  unusual ways to tell the past of her main characters: for example, in the chapter 14, the choice to alternate pieces of dreams and pieces of reality is particularly effective, it makes the readers feel the same emotions that the characters are feeling.
The author has already raised many questions; I hope you'll join me waiting for their answers.

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