"Why read about worlds that I cannot have?"
This is the line that hit me most reading the new one-shot

When I reviewed An angry man, I said that when you close the vampire book you're reading, the horror that fantasy monsters represent suddenly disappears, while it's not the same with other horrors of our world.
This new story by Katinki deals with modern-day slaves.
Most readers choose fanfics to get some moments of entertainment, that can be very rare and precious in a busy real life.
Many readers don't forgive an author if the writer doesn't give them a traditional HEA, with sunshine and rainbows, at the end of every single story.
Canon Bella is an avid reader and she's featured this way in many TwiFics. In A Voice in the Darkness, Bella loses even her passion for reading. Everything has been taken from her, even the opportunity to dream and to hope.
If we all can dream reading a story, it's because, although we can be often busy, tired, torn between sad and happy moments, we still have at least the freedom to think, to imagine, to pursue our happiness.

This story reminds us that human debasement happened in the past and it still happens today, "even if the oppressor is attractive and named Edward".
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