There was a time when I didn't read any AH fanfics. Then I found The University of Edward Masen, by Sebastien Robichaud.
There was a time when I used to read only "Edward and Bella" fanfics; then, I found 
Summary: "They called her the Ice Queen. They called him Mister McCarty. This is their story. AU/AH/OOC/Some canon elements".

Don't miss it because...

Rosalie's past is one of the most detailed of the entire saga and her issues about the nature of her life and her unsatisfied desire for maternity make her much less of a "teenager" than the other Cullen kids.
Emmett is often portrayed just as a nice big guy, while he should be credited with a deeper and more fascinating character.
When this new fanfic started, I was sure that Sebastien Robichaud was going to create a surprising  Emmett. After some chapters, I think I was right.
Sebastien Robichaud is one of the most generous writers I've ever met; there are different ways to be generous: you can donate something you don't need anymore, you can donate your money, or you can donate something unique, such as your time or your talents.
If you give a thing that was yours to somebody, then you don't have it anymore. Instead, if you discuss an idea, if you share your culture, if you help somebody, you won't have less ideas, or less culture, or less compassion.
In cyberspace, I met many readers of The University of Edward Masen, who told me that this story piqued their interest in the cultural, literary, artistic references so well described, helped them to deal with loss, helped them to think about atonement and hope, and made them desire to fall in love again because Sebastien Robichaud has an extraordinary talent when he describes love and lovemaking as it should be.
In The Ice Queen, the story of Rosalie and Emmett is, at least so far, the story of a genuine friendship, where support, care, and help are given to another person just out of love and without any second thought.
I believe that every person dreams to be loved as Edward loves Bella in the UOEM or wishes to find a friend like Emmett. But we should try to focus on what we give more than on what we get: do we love the most important person of our life as Edward cherishes Bella? Are we so good to our friends as Emmett is towards Rosalie?
Reading (and re-reading) Sebastien Robichaud's pages is like giving yourself a gift: his writing style is perfectly polished, every word is carefully chosen and even his brackets are always little pearls of irony and often also precious bits of literary or social criticism.

If you read this fanfic, please don't forget to tell the author that "Raum sent you" and say "Ciao!" from me! Thanks! 

Reading the UOEM I met Serendipitous/MeilleurCafè (don't forget to check her stories!) and she introduced me to Camilla, whom I'd like to thank once again for her precious help.
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  1. My dear, you certainly make your case for reading this story. If I manage to overcome my reluctance to AHs (I did for The University...) I might give it a try.


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