Update - the 6th chapter is up!
Summary: "The life of the Roman patrician Antonius is put at stake by his father, Felix. When Felix brings to his only son a new slave, Bella, more reasons arise for Antonius' concerns. Felix's secret can change Antonius' and Bella's destiny." ExB AU/vampires.

"I had noticed that his only soft spot was for the girl whom I cared for like a little sister. I thought that Jaspis had earned my family's esteem and gratitude, and I would always be generous to him if he continued to be a loyal friend. However, he still had a long way to convince me that he was the man to whom I would give Alica for good. But I was already confident that Jaspis was going to do all that and then some to accomplish this mission.

For the first time I thought that I could understand how deeply Jaspis and Alica cared for each other. Was I ever going to experience those same feelings?"
(Chapter 6, Sufferers)

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