There are different ways to contribute to a reading/writing community. In the Twilight fandom, there are not only many writers, but also many people who have the precious role to read and give their feedback. If we all read and write fanfiction, it's because, as readers, we were fascinated by the Twilight Saga. Some readers become writers too, or become beta-reader.

Today's guest is RandomCran. She'll tell us her experience as reader, beta-reader and writer in the Twilight fandom. Don't miss her first fanfiction:

RandomCran says:
From the moment I began reading my first fan-fiction story to the time I began volunteering as a full time beta was only six weeks. My immersion into the Fandom happened very quickly and very unexpectedly, but as the months moved on I found I really enjoyed the editing experience.

Serving as a beta has been quite valuable as it has allowed me to observe the writing styles of various authors. The process forced me to think about how I would write a story if I ever felt the inspiration to do so (although I never expected to begin writing myself.)

I was more than happy working as a beta, but one night the right idea took hold and wouldn't let go. One image of Edward kept running through my mind, and after a few days I decided to try writing it down.

Once that was done, I showed the few paragraphs I'd written to a few trusted friends. They asked to see more and so I expanded again and showed it off to them plus a few others. I kept receiving encouragement to continue on with the idea, but I still wasn't sure if I was ready to commit to writing a story.

Over a few weeks, I found the story evolving in my mind and finally decided it was time to see if my beta experience would be helpful in making the transition to author. I have to admit I have a weakness for wanting to edit my own work before sending it off to my own betas. One of them finally had to tell me not to worry about every little word or every punctuation mark – she just wanted me to focus on telling the story and asked me not to be so fixated on the technical issues.

Old habits die hard…

Since I'm only two chapters into Restless, the writing process still feels very new and raw but I feel confident about my story and have become excited about sharing it with the Fandom.

Thank you, RandomCran!

As usual, your comments are welcome. Tell us more about the way you decided to become not only a fanfiction reader, but a fanfiction writer as well!

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