There's a story that I started to read because sunflower-queen -- a special author I had the pleasure to introduce some posts ago -- highly recommended it and defined it as a "gem". Let's try to find what gems have to do with

Summary: "Edward & Bella are graduate students in London 'coincidentally' researching the same poets. More than 300 years after the fact, Carlisle & Edward must find out why Carlisle's past won't stay there - before Bella digs it up researching her thesis".

Don't miss it because...
If this story was a gem, it would be a pearl
Like a pearl, with its multiple layers, Metaphysics offers to its readers many paths to follow. 
The first one is the story of a smart and passionate young woman; it's not Bella: her name is Sophie, she's a talented poet, and, when the story begins, we meet her in London in 1688. How will her story go? Who is Mr. Cullen? What secrets can be revealed reading Sophie's poems? 
We soon discover that we're not the only readers willing to find the truth:  another path opens in 2009; there's another brilliant girl that has left everything behind -- her friends, her family, her country -- to follow Sophie's traces in the old Continent. Bella, now graduate student in London, discovers that also a certain Edward is studying Sophie's works. But why does their research suddenly become dangerous for many people? Why does it involve vampires? 
Chapter by chapter, we can follow not only Edward's and Bella's exciting research, but also the development of their relationship; it leads to another path and arise other questions: why, some years ago, did Edward leave Forks after meeting Isabella? What is he trying to cover with his abrupt changes of attitude towards her? When Jake comes to London, which secrets will be figured out?
Like a precious gem, Metaphysics has many other facets; I was particularly touched by the visit that Rosalie pays to a certain grave (chapter 7); it speaks volumes about the way Rose cope with her immortality and with her vampire life. 
As an expert jeweller, Anais Mark refines every facet of her story; her writing style is elegant and shows a great capability to deal with different tones -- romantic, ironic, angsty -- and puts, along her  paths, many references that will catch the curiosity of her readers; you might be surprised to find also references to other fics of this fandom (have you ever heard about a certain TUOEM?).
Like an elegant pearl, Metaphysics doesn't shout out its brightness; it will hook you slowly, it will require your attention to follow its plot and will delight you with its mysteries.

If Anais was a gem, she would be a pearl too! If you read this fanfic, please don't forget to tell her that "Raum sent you" and say "Ciao!" from me! Thanks!

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  1. Raum, thank you so much. Those were some sweet words for my story and I'm blushing!



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