In Twilight, Edward says that he graduated at the college more than once during his long  (vampire) life. Maybe that explains why there are many authors that set Edward and Bella at the University, both in AH and in vampire stories. When it happens, Bella usually studies humanities (good choice!), as in

Summary: "Bella is in the final months as an undergrad student at U of T. When she meets the PhD candidate who will be the TA of her senior Shakespeare course, her world is turned on end . What do you do when the only man you want is the one you can't have?". Complete.

Don't miss it because:
This is a very good fanfic not only for Twilight fans, but also for Shakespeare lovers; they can recall that Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is mentioned also in the original Twilight saga, especially in New Moon. This fic explores new ways to create a connection between great literary masterpieces and an Edward and Bella love story; just quoting a famous book is not enough to make a connection with that author and, in fact, georgeygirl goes far beyond: she shows a deep knowledge of many of Shakespeare's works, and every Shakespearean quote that she puts in her story is discussed by the characters or is important for the plot.
It doesn't mean that you have to be a scholar to enjoy this story: it's not a literary essay, but it deals with love, trust, and with the importance of being truthful, especially with those you care about;  anyway, the literary  references, that you can enjoy even if you've never read anything about Shakespeare, could be a good start to broaden your horizons.
I believe this is one of the most precious things that literature can offer to every reader: the possibility to feel  that a literary work, also if  it comes from another century, can be the best way to describe a present situation and sometimes an author from a completely different country or time seems to understand us better than a close friend. Edward and Bella use Shakespeare's words to try to express their feelings, and often find themselves identifying with Shakespeare's characters as they try to grapple with their day to day trials and tribulations and the developing relationship between them. 
But this fic doesn't deal only with literature: it's set in Toronto, and the setting is described so well that you'll often have the impression that you have seen those places with your own eyes,  as you read about Edward showing to Bella some of his most loved places or watch them making new memories in these special places. 
The Weight of Words is an AH fanfic, and it means that this time Edward is really human, with flaws and insecurities and health issues, while sometimes in other AH fanfics Edward is featured as a not-so-human strong, brave and flawless man. If you like a romantic Edward, if you want to follow him in a long journey to deal with his baggage, this fic is for you!

Georgeygirl is not only a fascinating writer, but is also a very kind and nice person! If you read this fanfic, please don't forget to tell her that "Raum sent you" and say "Ciao!" from me! Thanks!
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