As C. S. Lewis said in The Screwtape Letters, Hell is "occupied by noise", while Heaven is described as "the regions where [...] all that is not music is silence". The risk to make just noise is high for every author that struggles to say something remarkable with his/her stories and his/her characters; but the aim to make something full of harmony and beauty is what makes worth the try
An even more challenging task is represented by the choice to tell a story using words, pictures and music all together, as in

Summary: "Twilight AU. A reclusive vampire's bittersweet swan songs for the victims he regrets draw in a young woman struggling with her father's illness. As fate brings them together, Edward's dark past threatens to tear them apart. ExB".

Don't miss it because...
Solareclipses is a very talented young artist; using different media, she offers as many ways to approach her story: a video trailer, a rich playlist, a collection of evocative pictures, the words she writes.
From the original saga, we know that Edward had a very dark period in his first years as a vampire, but we don't know the details about those years; in this AU story, we get an explanation - and a very fascinating one - to some key choices that Edward made before meeting Bella; and we get a different insight in Edward's life. It's like the prelude.
Then, we can listen to the notes that compose every movement of this symphony; a first set of notes is represented by the episodes that, step by step, make Bella and Edward fall in love. Solareclipses is very detailed; she makes her readers savour every feeling and every thought of her characters, with a deliciously slow pace.
Another main theme, like another movement, is represented by the importance of the truth: in the original saga,  Jacob helps Bella to discover Edward's secrets; in this fic, instead, the struggle is completely up to Edward, who has to face the risk of losing Bella by either telling the truth or lying to her.
But Bella has also other issues about the truth in her relationship with her father; in a certain way, Edward's feelings towards Bella and Bella's ones towards Charlie have deep similarities: both the characters have to face the fact that a person they love is going to die; although in Charlie's case death seems really closer, Bella's lifespan as a mortal doesn't appear so much longer if compared to a vampire's one.
In both cases, Edward for Bella and Bella for Charlie endure sacrifices and lies  for their beloved's sake. Is it right? Is it going to work?
The symphony is not over yet: the leitmotiv of the entire story is Edward's love for the music. The canon Edward can play piano very well, but it's just one of his many talents. In this story, instead, Edward is not only a gorgeous pianist, but his music is at the same time a memento and an atonement; it's a way to overcome Death, because the people who inspire Edward's songs can still live in his memory and in his songs, although they can't live anymore in this world, and with every note Edward can regain a new piece of his humanity, of his compassion,  of his  control over his inner monster.
Sometimes words are not enough to communicate: the pictures and the playlist that are offered as a companion to each chapter are not a mere ornament, but are part of the whole message. Like it happens with a good piece of music, that you'd like to listen to again and again, the pictures and the playlist of this fic will give you the opportunity to savour this story in many different ways. Please visit the website http://sinsofthepianoman.tumblr.com/.
Sins of the piano man has also the best video trailer I've ever seen for a fanfiction. You can enjoy it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3i6X4CD7Ng.

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