I always thought that the canon Twilight is mainly the story of a "different" boy who aims to be truly loved.
I'm currently reading a very good fanfiction where the author has caught this feature of Twilight in a very fine way: Edward is different not because he's a vampire, but because he has  a serious health issue; in this story Edward and Bella have a deep and troubled personality and a heavy baggage to deal with. As it happened to me, I hope you'll have the desire to read this fic in every moment of spare time:

Summary: "Recovering from a serious illness, Edward knows what it is to be invisible but obvious to everyone around him. Bella, who has watched a loved one die of protracted illness, understands the tightrope-act of life in an unpredictable body. Alienated by his disease, Edward finds a friend in Forks' newest resident. The only problem is that she sees far more than anyone else does – including the things he doesn't want seen".

Don't miss it because...
Cesca Marie had a great courage choosing this subject, but she also shows that she can tell this story, also in its more difficult parts, without false pity, never in a banal way. Edward's and Bella's stories are revealed step by step, because there are things that can't be said to everyone and anytime, but only out of trust (and trust is a delicate thing to earn and to keep). This story made me cry and think  and even laugh in the same page. There's a lot of dark humor, that I can compare to Dr. Gregory House's sentences in the famous TV show: the jokes between Cesca Marie's characters are often more revealing than a long speech and give a new insight on the whole story.
The plot is developed with many details and I believe that is essential to make the readers attuned with the characters, seeing them as people and not just as "cases" or "patients". 
The author caught also other features of the canon characters of Twilight, as Carlisle's scientific attitude, or Esme's maternal sensitivity, and explore them in a very reliable way.
This fic is updated every week.

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I'd like to thank CyraBear for her kind and precious suggestions. Don't miss her fanfic "For whom the Bell tolls" (previously reviewed)! 
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