Twilight readers know how much Bella enjoys reading and how much some masterpieces as "Sense and Sensibility", "Wuthering Heights" and "Romeo and Juliet" are mentioned and discussed in some key scenes of the Twilight saga. In this fanfiction, the main characters are surrounded by books: one of them works in a library, while the other works in a bookstore.

If you share Bella's love for reading, books and literature, you can't miss a fanfiction that is recently arrived in the fandom (it started last november) but in less than two months has already collected more than 1.000 reviews:

Summary: "There's a dusty old bookstore in Seattle where the proprietor keeps odd hours and knows the location of every book in his stock. What surprises hide in its stacks?".

Don't miss it because...
The bookstore and library setting made me think about Carlos Ruiz Zafon's novel "The shadow of the wind". This story has many canon twilight elements, but with some very interesting changes; the Cullen family has been striken by a tragedy that gives a sad note to the relationship between the family members. But the author can be also ironic and offers also many funny scenes.

If you read this fanfic, please don't forget to tell that "Raum sent you" and say "Ciao!" to the author from me! Thanks ;-)
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