I've spent the last months reading a lot of Twilight Fanfictions; this website is actually devoted to review them.
The first fanfiction that made me fall in love with the entire genre is 

Summary: "Bella is not quite as quick to accept Edward at the end of New Moon". Complete.

Don't miss it because...
This story offers a great psychological insight, a wonderful plot and an excellent switch between Edward's and Bella's points of view. I think it's really much better than the original by Stephenie Meyer or, at least, I appreciated it a lot more!

In the first post of this blog I'd like to send a very special thanks to Psyche001, that encouraged me to publish this website. She's a very talented author of very good fanfictions that I'm going to comment very soon.

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  1. Raum, This was my fanfic "gateway drug" as well. I was supremely disappointed in Bella after NM and wanted her to make Edward atone for his crap.

    Sunflower~Queen more than did that here, and with so much emotion! Gah!

    Thank you for posting!



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