If you ever had the chance to admire any beautiful medieval cathedrals, you'd have probably noticed very peculiar carved stones called Gargoyles. According to some medieval legends, they have the power to protect churches and to scare off evil spirits. How could this mythology be connected  with our beloved Twilight vampires? You'll discover it if you read the stories of a very talented author that has not only a very good knowledge of mythology, but also a bright fantasy and merges traditional legends and Twilight characters.

Set in stone's summary: "From within the night's secret shadows,a beautiful winged creature falls for a human girl.She is forbidden fruit in his world but still,he crosses the line to save her life.What happens when their worlds collide & she discovers his horrible fate? AU/M/BXE". Complete.

Don't miss it because...
Psyche001 offers one of my favourite versions of Edward: her character is at the same time so sweet and so strong, so protective and so rebellious when he doesn't approve of the rules he has to respect. In this story, Alice has a very important role and is a wonderful character, even more friendly and full of love than the original one. This story will make you dream and will give you the opportunity to explore different historical periods and even different continents. If you find some difficulties to get into the story in the first chapters (it happened to me), don't give up, this story will never disappoint you.  

In Darkness or Light's summary: "Sequel to Set in Stone: She single handedly divided the Legion.Now she stands between the army which was created to destroy her & the side who will fight to save her. The battle was won when Aro decided to let Edward live, but who will win the war? BxE/AU".

Don't miss it because...
After Set in Stone, you'll be so attuned with these characters that you'll never have enough of them. Besides, Psyche001 is a very kind writer, that updates regularly, answers your messages and your reviews, and has a very good blog, full of teasers and extra stuff.

If you read these fanfics, please don't forget to tell that "Raum sent you" and say "Ciao!" to the author from me! Thanks ;-)
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