I discovered BrattyVamp with Abbracciare il cantante, that is still one of my faves, due to its surprising plot and the way the author portrayed Edward. Then I've read Toye and I couldn't believe that both these stories had been written by the same author. The ending of Toye was as surprising as a punch to the gut (it's a very dark and extremely OOC story, you're warned).
Lately I enjoyed The Best Man; it's an AH and the author caught my attention with the way she manages to insert excerpts from the characters' past along the main plot.

So I asked her (thanks to Twitter) to tell us more about her writing experience regarding digressions.

The answer that Bratty-Vamp so kindly sent me is a fascinating insight on the relationship between author and characters. Here it is:

"Here's what happens for me.  Usually by the time I'm getting near finished with a story, some plot bunny decides to come poop in my yard with another idea.  Then I sit on it a couple of days and wait for the story to make itself known to me. At that point, I begin chapter 1 and just start writing the story as I know it in my head.  It's almost like I've seen it as a movie, and I'm just re-telling it in words or something.  I don't listen to music or read things for inspiration. I just sit back and listen. Sometimes when I'm driving, I'll clearly hear conversations in my head between my characters.  I just follow that "instinct" I guess?  I dunno.  Sounds weird, right?

You mentioned wanting to know about the "memories" that were included in the Best Man.  I didn't plan those out. As I got to know my character Bella, those memories were just part of what made her who she was.  So I wrote them in. I always know my characters in my mind... right down to their back stories that never even get included in what I'm writing.  I always know my characters, and I know exactly how the story is going to end.  Then it's just up to me to write each chapter that comes to me until I get them there.

The only other thing I can think of to actually advise writers is this.  KNOW your characters.  Know who they are, and what motivates them.  Then stay true to the story as you see it in your mind.  Do NOT be swayed by reviews, or other people's ideas of how the characters should behave/change or what they think should happen in the story.  I know that the paths I've taken in my stories are not always the way that everyone might hope they might go... but I work hard (and am proud) to produce my story my way.  In the end, it keeps your characters true."

What do you readers think about it?
As an author, how would you describe your relationship with your characters?

Your comments are welcome and if you're looking for more stories by this talented author, join me reading her latest fic, In Vain, currently in progress! 
There is a raging debate about it on some sites, like A Different Forest. Some readers think that this Edward – working for the Volturi - is a jerk and almost advocate a non HEA for the story, while others think that he is not as bad as he looks and there might be justifications for his behavior. But all of them are mesmerized by the plot.

If you read these fanfics, please don't forget to tell the author that "Raum sent you" and say "Ciao!" from me! Thanks! 

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  1. Yeah, I am one of the readers totally captivated by In Vain. Fearful too. After the experience of Toye one can always expect a non HEA ending. I hope it is not the case (I get so angry when I am lured by a story that eventually ends badly on me...). Well, anyway, the considerations about knowing well the characters one puts in play are sound. I try to do the same

  2. Does anyone know what happened to BrattyVamp? She was always my favorite and I was literally re-reading Click & Strum tonight. I made it all the way to chapter twenty-nine when it was pulled.

    Come back, BV!

  3. I'm very surprised :-O
    Bratty is absolutely one of my faves and she's a very kind person, I don't know what happened.

    - Raum


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