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Summary: "Edward Masen's life intersects with Bella's at the restaurant he dines at for lunch every Friday. He's handsome, arrogant, and is used to avoiding love. She isn't impressed by the things that usually have women falling at his feet. AH/AU."

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Raum: You're currently writing one of the most followed and appreciated stories for Twilight, "Fridays at noon." It's got a particular structure, because in every chapter you focus on the events that happen to Edward and Bella on Friday. How did you decide this structure? What was your inspiration for this story? 

I read a book called One Day by David Nicholls.  It's a peek into the lives of two people the same day every year for like 20 years.  I thought that was kind of inspired.  For the purposes of my story, I went with the once a week and picked a time of day as well.  
I tried to think of a place two people might see one another every day at the same time and Eclipse, the restaurant, was born.  I also have written other stories where Edward is the super nice guy or really perfect in every way.  I wanted to do a more damaged Edward.  One that people don't like right away but have to peel back the layers to see there is someone worth rooting for in the end.  
That has been a big challenge.  Many people do it and some of the big name authors in the fandom have done it so well.  Icy and SR, for example.  They have written Edwards who are horrible and wonderful all at the same time.  My Edward gets compared to MotU's Fifty all the time.  He probably gets compared to him more than canon Edward!  I do have to say, my Edward is based on canon.  I like Fifty, but my Edward has different damage and different ways of dealing with his problems.  The stories are not the same, although I think some people started reading it thinking it is going to be like that.  Hopefully, they aren't disappointed when it turns out different!

R: You usually write in BPOV, as in the canon Twilight saga.  Who is your favorite character in the saga and why?

TF: Well, of course, Edward is my favorite character in the saga!  Yes, partly because of all the typical reasons, but I love the way he thinks and how he is probably the character who changes the most from beginning to end.  I like that he has basic characteristics that are consistent but he still evolves because of his relationship with a simple human girl.  
I kind of used that same premise in Fridays at Noon.  That Edward is very set in his ways.  He's used to consistent patterns in his life, his expectation for change is low.  Then, he meets this woman who turns his world upside down and because of her, he wants to live a different kind of life.  He wants to be a better person.  He learns things can't always be the way he wants.  He also, like canon Edward, has to step out of his comfort zone and do things he has never had to do before. 

Your Bella has an extraordinary capability to love and forgive Edward. In the first chapters, she showed that she can be also ironic, funny, smart. Through her eyes, you're dealing with many difficult topics (e.g. regarding Alice's and Edward's past). Would you like to tell us more about the main themes of your story, such as a scaring past, the difficulty to believe in love, the sacrifices that love can require to lovers...? 

TF: I guess I would say it is a story about love in all its forms.  
How our relationships with everyone who comes and goes in our life impact us and our other relationships.  Though it is BPOV, this story follows Edward's journey to understand what it means to love and be loved.  He has a traumatic past.  He had parents who expressed their love very differently.  His mother's love was selfless and she gave it freely.  His father was only capable of selfish love.  Edward grew up believing both kinds led to disaster because of what happened to his parents.  So, he gave up on the whole idea of it.  
Enter Bella Swan.  He doesn't want to love her, but she creates feelings he can't even label.  She falls in love with him, and it terrifies him.  Love in all its forms always ends badly, at least that's what he believes.  He thinks Bella is like his mother and he is like his father.  Fridays at Noon is about Bella's fight to show him that theirs is a different kind of love and his quest to love her the way she deserves.  I added lots of other characters in there to show Edward has always surrounded himself with loving people and that Bella attracts the love of everyone she befriends. 
Their relationships with all the other characters is important, too.  Love isn't always about two people.  We love our family and friends, too.  Those relationships strengthen us and support us through life as well!  People sometimes focus on romantic love like it is the answer to everything.  I think everyone needs more than just that one person.  In real life, people can't rely on one person or it can become a burden too great for that person to carry.

You are one of the most reliable authors of the fandom! you always update every Friday, you post a teaser every Tuesday, on your blog you always add your comments to the story and you post beautiful and inspiring pictures for every chapter. You've also spoiled your readers with amazing outtakes! Could you tell us more about the relationship you established with your readers?

TF: I do try very hard to be consistent.  I thought it would make things easier for people who wanted to read it.  I know as a reader, I appreciate the authors that stick to a regular schedule.  As a writer, it keeps me motivated.  I think this whole thing is fun and the fact that people indulge me is great.  
I LOVE talking to people that read the story.  I have met some of the greatest people ever because of Fridays at Noon.  I even met three readers in person while I was on vacation.  They all drove over an hour to sit down and have a meal with me!  It was very cool.  I have found that we're not all that different.  Lots of my readers are moms like me with a crazy obsession for all things Twilight.  On the other hand, there are others from all over the world, which amazes me.  I talk to people in places like Italy, Australia, Ecuador, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand.  My kids think that makes me much cooler than they thought I was before!  
I enjoy replying to reviews.  I get some PM that allow me to get to know some people better.  I joined Twitter and Facebook, which opened up a whole new world to me. I talk to some people every day!  I have readers that are now really and truly friends of mine.  I never imagined that would happen because of this silly thing called fanfiction.  I feel like everyone spoils me by paying attention to any of this.  I'm glad people like the story, but I feel like the one that is reaping the benefits!     

R: Would you like to describe your writing process? How did it change during the time you have spent in this fandom?

TF: I write all the time.  
Just ask my family.  They have threatened to take away my laptop on numerous occasions.  I usually have an outline, but it is a fluid process.  Things change once I really begin to write.  
I sometimes have an idea of how I want a chapter to begin and end but don't know what's going to happen in between until I start writing.  I have a wonderful pre-reader who checks things over and offers her perspective as a reader.  She tells me if something doesn't make sense or if someone acts out of character.  She also makes me defend why I did things a certain way, allowing me to see where I need to add things so it will make sense to everyone else.  Surprisingly, my own mom likes to read what I write (although sometimes I send her edited versions when there are some lemons because, well, she's my mom!)  She is a second spelling and grammar checker.  
When I first started, I just wrote and posted.  I spend way more time editing than I did in my earlier stories, which is probably easy to see!  I also post Fridays at Noon on Twilighted and the validation beta over there pointed out some of the grammar errors no one else did.  So now, I double and triple check things to make sure they're right before anyone else even looks at it.  I think I have grown as a writer since I started.  I have a better understanding of flow and character development.  Hopefully that comes through!         

R: Could I ask you how many chapters of "Fridays at noon" are left?

TF: I just posted Chapter 24, we have four more to go.  That includes an epilogue.  I may also write one more outtake within the story.  But I have a bunch of outtakes planned.  
One for the Fandom for Tsunami Relief.  
And a couple for readers who "won" outtakes for answering silly questions or for doing nice things for me.  
I have a reader in Italy who offered to send me the Vanity Fair with Rob on it over there.  She earned an outtake!  
I have another reader who is a photographer and is visiting Seattle.  She is going to take pictures of some of the real places that have been used in the story (she may or may not be taking a cardboard Edward LOL!)    She definitely earned an outtake!  
I love doing things like that.  I like knowing what people want to see in EPOV.  I do like writing things from his perspective.  I do not intend to rewrite the whole thing from his POV but certain chapters.  
People have been asking for a sequel and all I can say is I wouldn't do it unless I could think of a good plot line.  I wouldn't want to just keep it going without a clear purpose.  A good story needs a beginning, middle, and end.  
All good things come to an end - even Fridays at Noon!    

Thank you, troublefollows1017!

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  1. What a great interview! TF is an amazing author and Fridays at Noon has captured my heart. The consistency she has shown with the timeliness of her posts and Tuesday Teasers shows her dedication to this story and her readers. It is a great feeling to be so invested in all the supporting characters of a story, as well as the main characters. I now look forward to Fridays. I sit with a cup of coffee in a quiet room, away from my kids and husband and read the weekly update. Raum....thank you for bringing attention to such a wonderful author and story that will always be one of my favorites.
    P.S. love the blink

  2. I love when Authors do stuff like this makes them seem human not royalty even though some deserve to be lmao.....

  3. Dear Chrisann,

    I'm so glad you liked the interview and the blinkie!

    Thank you for your comment,

    - Raum

  4. Dear Aisling,

    Troublefollows in not only a very, very, very talented writer, but she's also one of the most wonderful persons I've met in this fandom, she's so kind and nice!

    Thank you for your comment,

    - Raum

  5. Amy is beast..

    Thats all.

  6. I'm happy to see that we all love TroubleFollows's story and we appreciate her work!! She's great!!!

  7. Fabulous interview, Raum. And great blinkie! I think I'm going to steal it for my siggy I that's okay. :)

    I love TroubleFollows for giving us Pennyward. I really can't look at a penny w/o thinking of him. Sigh....


  8. Hi Luxie!!

    nice to meet you!!

    TroubleFollows gave us not only Pennyward (double sigh :-) ) but also a wonderful Bella, a sweet Charlotte, a great Tyler, she's a surprising writer!

    Feel free to put the blinkie wherever you want!!!! It would be a honor for me!
    And if you want to say that I made it... double thanks *blushes*

    Thank for you comment!

    - Raum

  9. Well...I am blushing, Amy you mentioned me!!! :)) And it's a great, great interview. You are one amazing creature. Thanks for sharing this story and your opinions with us.

  10. Dear LaMomo,

    thanks so much for your comment!!


  11. Omg i am like in love with Fridays at Noon! like i was reading on m new itouch and between the events of my winter break it took me a while to get through and i was okay with that because it was so good i didnt want it to end. TF should really look into becoming a published author. I finished and said, okay when does the movie come out. like seriously maybe just change the twi names for infringment and you'd have a #1 hit movie in the box office.

  12. Hi Carrie!

    Thanks for your comment!

    I agree :)

    - Raum

  13. Fridays at Noon it's definitely one of my favourite fics ever. TroubleFollows is an amazing writer. If she wrote an original book, I would totally buy it! Her new story "My Beautiful Storm" has me hooked since the beginning. It's really sweet.

  14. Hi Fanny!

    Thank you for your comment!

    You're right, TF is an amazing author and a very kind and friendly person. "Fridays at Noon" gave us readers a great, great ride!

    - Raum


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