You are an author posting on FanFiction.net and your stories address controversial issues with passion and compassion. Then the Hate Brigades, which are very active on that site, start harassing you with such venom as to make your life impossible, as to take out all the pleasure you find in writing and in the fanfiction community. So you pull out all your stories and think to stop, but then you discover that The Writers Coffee Shop might offer you sanctuary.

So you start re-posting your work there, because there, at least, there is a way to trace back hate mail senders.

Yes, this is what happened to Maniac Motherland and she is an author not to be missed. She is a teacher, a wife and a mother and loves her native American Southwest to distraction, albeit sometime she gets enraged by the bigotry one can encounter there.

What to read first?
  • Just Like a woman

Summary: "1968, Vietnam. E&B are both captains and doctors at the U.S. Army. They have a one-night stand before Bella's first day on assignment, and then have to figure out how to work together. Bella fights sexism. Jacob fights racism. Edward is a widower, with a rich and overbearing family. Bella gets pregnant and Edward is captured by the Vietcong…. AH, NC17."

Why to read it? 

Because it is a rich tapestry making the Vietnam war and that period of American history to come alive for you, with its songs, its moods and all the issues society was struggling with. Feminism, racism and black power, the immorality of wars but also the love you have for your country, all this and more is addressed in a compelling way. And the love stories, Edward and Bella’s , but also Alice and Jasper’s, are enchanting.

Then, if you come to love this author as I do, you might try the other story she is posting right now: Same Time, Same Place.

It is a Harry Potter fiction and there is slash, because Harry and…Cedric will have a story. I am not attracted by slash, normally, nor do I read Harry Potter fics, but this one is special. H and C are, first of all, boys. (One is 15 and the other 17), as ready to punch each other as to kiss, to fight, to swear (very funny expletives) and to compete for pretty Cho (At that age sexuality is still confused and confusing).

I do hope than Maniac Motherland’s other stories will also be reposted soon, including a Western/Romance and a SciFi/Suspense story. To read her work you will have to subscribe to TWCS Library, though, but it is quite easy.

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