Today we grab a coffee (an Italian espresso, of course) with Camilla (aka Camilla10). She's written over 15 stories for Twilight and she's a precious milestone of this blog! Her stories have been recently nominated for the Sunflower Awards and for the Faithful Shipper Awards. Her most known work is
Summary: "This is an AU historical novel with vampires, set in Italy during WW II. Edward Masen, an American paratrooper, meets Bella and loves her passionately, until two Volturi warriors..."

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Raum: You're currently posting a new multichapter story, "Our New World", sequel of "The Parachutist". Would you tell us more about it?

Camilla: When The Parachutist ended Edward and Bella (he a vampire, she still human) were leaving post war Italy to go to the States and live with the Cullens. The story deals first with their interactions with the family and Bella’s impressions of the new country, her New World. I had to research a lot about America in the late ‘40s. Edward, true to himself, is very reluctant to turn her, despite the fear that the Volturi would discover them. Then something happens and … you’ll need to fasten your seat belts for the last chapters!
For the moment it is being posted on Twilighted.net (I am just Camilla, there),  I always start with Twinet because I like the validation process (Masochist, much?). I will post it on FF.net too later on, of course. You can wait or go on Twilighted net, where I also post images - as you well know, since you help me with some manips. 
R:  How did your writing process change during the years you have spent in this fandom?

C: In all this time since February 2009, I have learned a lot. My English is surely improved and I discovered colloquial expressions and made a sense of mysterious acronyms (from TMI to LOL). When I graduated to NC17 ratings, I found that to write about sex was easier in English than in Italian.

R: In fact you did write lemons, and very good ones, in your stories. Do you want to tell us more about this experience?

C: My language seems to have only clinical words, very vulgar words or regional words, because each Italian dialect has its own way to name the lady and gentleman’s bits, but in English there are a lot of words that are not exceedingly vulgar and not clinical either. 
On the contrary, Italian is incredibly rich in expletives, while in English there is mainly F*** this and F*** that. I had my troubles to find variegated expletives for the dirty mouthed Italian parliamentarian who stars in Eros and Psyche.

R: Do your friends in RL know that you're a twific writer, and in a foreign language? Have they read your stories?

C: In fact I have translated most of my stories into Italian for the enjoyment of friends and relatives who do not know English (After that, a few translations found their way on the Italian section of FF.net).  You know, for the ones with adult ratings, I could not translate well the lemons I had written in English. As said before – once discarded the clinical and the too vulgar, only the regional words remain – and it would not have been appropriate to put them in the mouth (ooops) of characters that were American. So I had to cut a little and the stories are therefore more chaste than in English (albeit my husband, who is my Beta for Italian, thinks they are still too explicit).

R: Did your writing experience in English change even your writing style in your own language?

C: Well, the best thing of all is that my Italian has been praised for its conciseness. My language tends to the baroque. A lot of curls and convolutions. English sentences are short, while ours are quite long and elaborated. When I translate, those short sentences are maintained, somehow, and that is considered original. Still, I believe that my stories are better in English than in their Italian translation.

R: Your stories have been nominated for various Awards. Congrats! Would you like to tell us more about it?

C: I am so excited: The Parachutist is up for two Awards (and so are other stories I wrote, or myself as an author). I so hope you will vote for it, if you loved my story. Here is a recap:
1) The Faithful Shipper Awards
Best Alternate Universe/Canon: The Parachutist
Best Classic- Alternate Universe/ Canon Fiction: Eros and Psyche
Plus I am there as Best Author- Alternate Universe/Canon
Voting starts today April 9, Vote now!
2) The Sunflower Awards
The Parachutist for Best Vampire Story
Heartbroken for Best Edward Story
Eros and Psyche for Best Bella Story
The Archer for Best Romance Story
(As an author I am up for The Sunflower Storyteller Award and that really floored me. You cannot vote for this, there is a special Jury. Cross fingers).
Voting will be from May 4th to May 25th. Make a note of it!

In any case perusing over the nominated stories is the best way to find something new to read. In fact while I would be honored if I won something, the main point is to gain more readers and  more reviews.

I have also submitted an O/s to: The Never Ever Happily Ever After One-Shot Anonymous Contest. Yeah, no happy ending, something new for me. I’ll post it when the contest is finished. I can’t tell you the title, of course. But go visit there. Public voting will take place from 4/18/11 to 4/21/11.

Thank you, Camilla!

I made a blinkie for Camilla's new story Our New World. Here it is!

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  1. I only wish I could read you in Italian, my dear. And you know I love the Baroque style. xoox

    Jess (jmolly)

  2. Dear Jess,

    Thank you for your comment!

    I can assure you first hand that Camilla is lovely also in Italian :)
    I had the pleasure and the honor to be her Beta for the Italian version of "Carmen's story" and her prose is fascinating in both languages.

    - Raum


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