Have you ever watched one of those movies that leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering if your heart will stop beating before the end? Good thriller movies are like that, but this kind of suspense is extremely rare to be found on written pages.

Well, Fixer has it. 

Gene Doucette tells the story of Corrigan Bain, a superhero whose adventures are set in an everyday context. Corrigan, whose strange name is the surname of the otherwise unknown man who fathered him, was born with a mysterious gift. He sees forward in the future, or, as it becomes evident as the story develops, he can see all the possible futures of the people who surround him. When the future entails an accident that would end the life of the subject, Corrigan knows he's supposed to get on the accident’s location and (try to) prevent it.

It took time for Corrigan to accept his gift, but he did so and became the Fixer. He's learned to avoid failure, because the consequences would fall on him: when he fails to intervene, and the person destined to die in fact dies, his ghost will haunt him.

The story of this unusual superhero unfolds through different times: we follow Corrigan's adventures as a child, living with his Mom in a commune full of weirdos. They must run away when Corrigan is suspected to have harmed the commune's leader, and he's afraid that his mother doesn't trust him. Then we know that his mother finds a job in the psychiatric ward of a hospital, where Corrigan becomes friends with some patients of the “Mildly Crazy” ward. This long flashback is masterfully written by Gene Doucette, and it brings the readers to one of the most impressive parts of the whole novel.

Little Corrigan wanders inside the mental hospital looking for his mother and discovers that something terrible is happening: a madman is inside, killing both inmates and staff. There are dead bodies and an eerie silence. Where are the adults? Where is his mom? Will the boy be killed, too? Although you know that the boy is now a man, alive and well, the tension is maddening... Even if it were only for those thirty pages, this book would deserve to be read.

But there is much more in Fixer.
Who was that terrible killer who marred Corrigan's childhood? Corrigan saw something in that hospital, but no one believed him.
When a group of young, promising researchers working on theories about time are attacked by an invisible killer, Corrigan is summoned by the FBI for the most important mission of his existence. The agent he's paired with is a beautiful woman he knew in the past, and the passion they briefly shared may tie them again. If they don’t die, that is. 

Because how can you stop a killer who doesn't belong to your same time and is always a minute forward?


Fixer is now available!
Gene Doucette

In addition to ghost writing for an immortal man, Gene Doucette has been published as a humorist with Beating Up Daddy: A Year in the Life of an Amateur Father and The Other Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: A Parody. He is also a screenwriter and a playwright. Gene lives in Cambridge, MA with his wife and two children.

Gene Doucette's site: genedoucette.me

ARC received in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to The Writer's Coffee Shop.


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