Emergency Beta Service announced the winners of their 2nd Anniversary Challenge!

"Thank you, everyone who participated and supported this challenge, for helping us celebrate our 2nd year with us with style. We have appreciated every story, every tweet, and every like on Facebook. Working out the results was a lot of fun (for the one who secretly loves statistics), and we are finally ready to announce our winners. Continue...

The Second Line won the judges round!

Twilight romance fiction. Prompts: Free Pass and writing in 2nd person narrative. Here is what TiffanyAnne3FF had to say about it:
The author did a good job capturing the emotion of the moment in a short piece. The use of second person worked well, and the primary prompt (two of something) was clear.

Great banner! Thanks to Detochkina!


I'd like to say "Thanks" to SatinCoveredSteel and Camilla10 once again for their editing and support.

Here's the banner I made for the story.

And here's the story: The Second Line.

Enjoy, and have a great week!

- Raum


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