My favourite scene in the last episode was the one with (poor) Tyrion Lannister

I think many characters in A Song of Ice and Fire are based on a (sometimes very difficult) balance between what they've been given by their life and family and what they've chosen to become. Many of them are full of hate after the humiliations and traumas they had to endure. I'm in awe of Tyrion, because he's one of the characters who have suffered most, and yet he's one of the most generous. His own family would happily sacrifice him for their own interests, while he -- a rich, intelligent, powerful nobleman -- is ready to sacrifice himself for a poor lad (Podrick) or for a prostitute (Shae). 

You can watch it here:


The second video is the promo for the upcoming episode. Just 35 seconds to help you wait until next Sunday.


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Tell me about your favorite scene in the last episode, or about your favorite characters. 

- Raum 


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