Do you apply the following Editing Tips? Do you find them useful?

Happy Writing!

- Raum

Thanks to http://thewritelife.com/, where you can find more writing tips.


  1. A lot of very helpful tips! But have you ever noticed how often you'll pick up a book and start reading, and all the major "DON'T DO THIS!" things all writing guides warn against just jump right out at you? How's this for an example: "Grasping the smooth, white-washed railing, Lizzie gazed out upon the sun-splashed gardens, where the alluring fragrance of magnolia drifted on the balmy air above the neatly pruned hedgrows." That's the first sentence in the fourth paragraph of a book I started to read recently but set aside to finish a series I was in the middle of. All it's describing is a woman standing on a balcony looking over the garden and there are six adjectives.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    1. Dear Mollie,

      thanks for your kind comment!

      Merry Christmas and happy 2014!

      - Raum


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