More about Charlie, a jazz concert for Bella, and a new meeting between Edward and Bella. Chapter 18 is available: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8955111/18/

"Do you know jazz?"Edward grinned. "I may I have listened to a CD or two." He doubted there were many compilations of good musicians he didn't know everything about. "Was there a particular song that piqued your interest?"

Camilla's short poem (SatinCoveredSteel helped to translate it):

Dacché un bacio si son dati
sono entrambi innamorati
ma il destino sembra duro,
senza gioia il lor futuro.

Since the kiss they shared,
between them love has flared.
But their destiny seems gloomier,
with no joy in their future.

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Ella Fitzgerald singing Someone To Watch Over Me

Edward quotes Horace's Odes, 1.9

You can read the original Latin version here: http://rainybluedawn.com/translations/latin/odes1ix.htm

See how the deep snow shines on Mount Soracte!
The toiling woods
can bear the load no longer, and the streams
stand still in the sharp ice.
Dispel the cold, O Thaliarchus – quick,
pile up the logs –
and bring the four-year-aged unmixed wine
out in a Sabine jar.

The rest give to the gods, who, when they still
the winds at war
upon the boiling sea, leave mountain ash
and cypress trees untouched.

Don’t ask about tomorrow. Take what comes,
and count it gain;
and in your youth don’t turn away from dance
or from sweet love affairs,

so long as sour age stays far away
from your green strength.
Let streets and fields and soft nocturnal whispers
have their appointed times,

and perhaps sweet hidden laughter may reveal
a prize to take
from off the arms or fingers of a girl
pretending to resist.


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