This historical romance of seventeenth-century Milan, first published in 1827, is the most famous of Italian novels. It has great breadth and depth - indeed its moral, religious and political themes are as applicable to the problems of our own day as they were to the Napoleonic times when it was written, or the period of the Thirty Years War in which it is set. (Goodreads).

Don't miss it because...

This novel is part of the syllabus for secondary high school students in Italy. It means that almost everyone who has attended secondary high school has read at least a small part of this novel...and probably hasn't enjoyed it. Why? Because it's considered a long, difficult story.

If you want to give it a try, read just the scene where Manzoni describes Cecilia's mother (you'll find it in one of the last chapters).

The way Manzoni writes is amazing -- he gives attention to psychology, body language, and "show more than tell" decades and decades before scholars and researchers began to study them.

Don't miss the chance to fall in love with this masterpiece. Even if you read just some selected chapters out of it, Manzoni's characters will stay with you.

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