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Summary: When the Swans return to their birthplace, Bella learns she is no ordinary teenager, and Forks is no ordinary town. Can she fulfill her destiny with the powerful Edward Cullen, or will the dark forces that threaten their families destroy them all? 

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I read this fic a long time ago. Up until that point, I’ve never read a fic that fell under the category of ‘Supernatural’ so I decided to give it a try. The opening lines of the first chapter were enough to suck me in completely.
The story begins with Bella moving to Forks with her parents. It’s pretty clear from the very beginning that she doesn’t know what has caused them to move and that she has been kept purposefully on the dark. She didn’t know that her parents grew up there or that she had an aunt and a cousin (Emmett) living there.
Bella feels some kind of connection as soon as she enters the family house and her family starts to unravel the secrets. Bella learns very soon that she comes from a family of witches and that she and her parents needed to come back to Forks in order to help the Coven (all the families who are also witches like them).
Bella’s family starts to explain things to her although it’s obvious some issues, like the fact that her mother is very upset about her learning the truth, are still unclear. With Emmett’s help she soon befriends Alice, Jasper and Rosalie. Emmett and Rosalie are married, the same as the other two. Bella is taken aback by the information since all of them are still very young. They also help her to know about the history of all the families that are a part of the Coven as well as the concept of imprinting:

"What exactly do you mean by imprint?"
Where the hell is Google when you need it?
"What he means to say is that the Power gave us the 'gift' to recognize our soul mates, so there would be no mistaking who we should be with in order for our powers to function to their utmost ability and to carry on the line," Rosalie explained using air quotations.
"Got it. How does that happen?"
"When we turn eighteen, we are considered to be full-fledge adult Witches, because that's when the ability to imprint manifests itself. Both Witches need to be of age, or it doesn't work. It's like a physical knowing when it happens."
A thought came to me. "Emmett? Is that why you married Rosalie so young?"
He busted out laughing, like it was the funniest thing he had ever heard. Rosalie smacked him on the arm and answered for him. "Yes, we imprinted when we were eighteen. We were married this past June, after graduation."

Bella is about to turn eighteen so you can say this revelation freaks her out a bit. She’s always thought she would go to college and start a career. She’s never paid much attention to the concept of marriage. But now she has to face this new world and this reality of which she’d never known anything about. However, she begins her training as a witch.
In a barbeque, she meets the rest of the families of the Coven. Enter Edward Cullen. To say that he doesn’t like Bella would be an understatement. He acts pretty coldly toward her not only that day but also pretty much every time they cross paths. Bella learnt from her friends that he’s destined to be the new leader of the Coven so she thinks he’s just a conceited twit. There’s a tension between them whenever they are in the same room though.
Bella continues her training and turns eighteen. But the Monday after her birthday when she goes back to high school, everything changes forever: she imprints with Edward. He and Bella have to deal both with how to handle their new relationship and with the danger that threatens the Coven.

First of all, I want to say that I completely love this Bella. I think that if I had been in her position, I would have gone running for the hills the first day. She’s unfairly kept in the dark most of the time yet she handles everything graciously and with a clear head.

Secondly, I love the way in which Edward and Bella relationship progresses. It’s difficult at the beginning but they eventually find their place. At the end of the day they’re just two teenagers who have a lot on their plates. There’s a reason for Edward’s antagonistic attitude (or at least he thinks so…) although it’s true that he comes across as not very likable more than once. But don’t worry, he redeems himself.

Finally, the story is beautifully written and I love how the author has used the concept of magic and the elements. There’s a lot I haven’t covered in this review (on purpose to not give too much away) but every concept used is perfectly explained and entwined within the story.
So if you want to read an amazing story with a good plot, romance and great characters, check out ‘Elemental’. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you, Fany!

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  1. Glad to see this story reviewed! Elemental is one of my favorite FanFics.

  2. Wow! Thank you for featuring my story Elemental on your blog!

    This story was (and still is) something that means a lot to me. Knowing it means something to you too is the icing on top...and that delicious cherry.

    xoxo TB

    1. Thank you for writing and for sharing!
      I'm so happy that you enjoyed the review. Fany rocks, she always suggests amazing stories.

      - Raum

  3. This is 3D: I love you doing the rec's! Thank You for that, I'll give this one a try after I finish reading "An Italian Winter"

    And, ty for my gift for reviewing! It actually brought tears of thoughts to my eyes.
    So sweet of you!!

    1. Dear 3D,

      you're so kind! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      I wish you all the best,

      - Raum


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