Would you spend an afternoon with Edward? The 6th chapter is up!
Summary: "There was a reason behind Edward's rebellious period – a reason that still holds true and brought him to Italy. His existence has been predicated on revenge for decades, to the point that forgiveness seems impossible. When Edward meets Bella, only a winter separates him from his last human prey and his own destruction." AU-Vampires.

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This chapter's suggestion is 

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

You can read it at the webpage http://home.pacific.net.hk/~rebylee/text/prince/contents.html

About Tosca:

with lyrics (sung by Luciano Pavarotti):

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"De Immortalitate" (my first multichapter story, now complete) and my one-shot "Spruce and Cactus" are up for a Shimmer Award!


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