Savage is posting a new story, updated every day. I guess it's Savage's sweetest story, at least so far, it's the one set in the most ancient time -- Ehd is called Caveward for a reason --, and it's my new "daily cup of coffee." 

If you aren't already in love with Ehd, don't miss the opportunity to fall in his pit trap. Just click on the link below to explore a very different time!
Summary: "Ehd doesn't know how the woman ended up in his pit trap, he just knows he wants to protect her and provide for her in any way he can. She sure does make a lot of noises with her mouth, though. Caveward is born!"
This is the way I imagine Ehd.

If you read this fic, please say "Ciao!" to the author from Raum! Thanks! 
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  1. I too am in love with Ehd. I have also concluded that Caveward is more of a gentleman than many modern men!

    - Camilla

  2. Hi Camilla!

    Thanks for your comment!

    Caveward is more kind and sensitive than many modern men, I agree!

    - Raum


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