Why did Edward's rebellion begin? The 5th chapter is up!
Summary: "There was a reason behind Edward's rebellious period – a reason that still holds true and brought him to Italy. His existence has been predicated on revenge for decades, to the point that forgiveness seems impossible. When Edward meets Bella, only a winter separates him from his last human prey and his own destruction." AU-Vampires.

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The story is currently due to be updated every Friday.

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Giuseppe Ungaretti's poems

Giuseppe Ungaretti (10 February 1888 – 2 June 1970) was an Italian modernist poet, journalist, essayist, critic and academic. He was one of the most prominent contributors to 20th century Italian literature. He joined World War I and debuted as a poet while fighting in the trenches.
On this site: http://allpoetry.com/Giuseppe_Ungaretti you can read some of his poems, in English translation.

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