Chapter images and update - the 11th chapter is up!
    Summary: "The life of the Roman patrician Antonius is put at stake by his father, Felix. When Felix btrings to his only son a new slave, Bella, more reasons arise for Antonius' concerns. Felix's secret can change Antonius' and Bella's destiny." ExB AU/vampires.

    Have you read the wonderful rec that RandomCran wrote for De Immortalitate? Here it is:


    Very abundant thanks to RandomCran, author of "Restless," and to IndieFicPimp! They offer great recs!
    Once again, I'd like to thank Romanward's betas&prereaders: Camilla10, LJSummers, Duskwatcher2153, Marlena516, and JMolly! I'd like to thank also Project Team Beta and Emergency Beta Service.
    Thank you to all the awesome readers and reviewers. Romanward loves you all!

    This week I got the Emergency Beta Service Boot Camp Hardcore badge! I'd like to thank Mella, who was the Beta who coached me this time, and Marly, who coached me in two Pro camps!
    If you don't know this wonderful initiative, I can't recommend it enough.
    Disclaimer: Edward (with muddy boots) may not always show up at your home even if you get the Hardcore badge. I'm still waiting...LOL

    About the chapter, here are some images!

     (Chapter 11, Messengers

     There is a Twilighted thread for the story! 

    Reviewers get a little gift (different for each chapter).

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