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The 13th chapter is now available.
    Summary: "The life of the Roman patrician Antonius is put at stake by his father, Felix. When Felix btrings to his only son a new slave, Bella, more reasons arise for Antonius' concerns. Felix's secret can change Antonius' and Bella's destiny." ExB AU/vampires.


     (Chapter 13, Snake

     There is a Twilighted thread for the story! 

    Reviewers get a little gift (different for each chapter).

    And now, Romanward has something to say!
    I'd like to recommend an amazing story by Duskwatcher2153. If you are interested in all things Roman and in very well written stories, don't miss:
    Summary: "Sacrifice is required in any great venture. Sometimes it's not what you would die for, it's what you will kill for. Aro, in his first centuries, sees a path to a great beginning."


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