Every story -- or at least every good one -- has the power to make its readers know, love, hate its characters. Some authors can do more: page by page, they can make the readers travel in the world and the time they describe. And then there are excellent stories, that make the readers know better themselves. I think that
is one of these.

Summary: "Sun, surf and sand. Best friends, and best kisses. Broken hearts, broken ties, and dreams that can never be broken. A bounce through time. Every road we travel leads us to exactly where we are meant to be."

Don't miss it because:

Let's imagine that you are going to spend some days at the sea, this summer, or that you have done so in the past. Could you say what you will actually miss, once you are back at home?
A kiss under the night's breeze?
A bunch of friends around a bonfire?
The idea that every summer one can dream to start a new page of his/her own life in September?
Four Summers is not only a sweet story, with many funny moments, but can be also salty like  seawater (and some tears...). It's a tale that will keep you company under the sun, but will remain in your heart when the autumn winds will blow chilly and cold too.

If you read this fic, don't forget to tell the author that Raum sent you and say  "Ciao" from me! Thanks!
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