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Great Romance Novels to Read this Summer

With the weather getting hot and sticky, it’s about time to make things even steamier with some romance novels. Whether you’re a lover of historical romance or more modern takes, this list has a little something for everyone. So pull up a chair, get comfortable and make sure to have a fan nearby to cool off while reading. 

Sleeping with the Boss

Book one of the Anderson Brothers series introduces you to the middle brother, William Anderson, and the heroine Claire Maddox. Unlike many romance novels, their attraction is immediate, and they are very straightforward about it. What pulls them apart is the implication that Claire could potentially be a spy undercutting his family's business. Despite this lingering suspicion, sparks immediately fly between the two, and they can hardly keep their hands off each other. Clarke combines two lovably imperfect characters, a measure of humor and a hefty dose of sexually-tense scenes in the first book of the series. She also introduces the other two Anderson brothers, so you’ll want to pick up the other two books as well.

Everywhere and Every Way

If you loved Probst's Marriage to a Billionaire novels, then you'll love her latest Billionaire Builders series. Of course, the best place to start is at the beginning. Here you'll follow red-hot contractor Caleb Pierce as he not only has to navigate through family business issues but relationship issues as well. 
The other point of view here is Morgan, a home designer who knows exactly what she wants in life and business. When these two collide during Morgan’s home renovation project, it’s not just work tension they both feel. As they begin working through their differences, they realize they have the foundation for a bond that can stand the tests of time. This story is more than just a simple romance though; it covers a wide range of themes such as acceptance, forgiveness and heartbreak.  

The Girl from Summer Hill

If you’re a fan of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, then you'll love the first book in the Summer Hill series. This more modern take on the classic introduces Casey Reddick as the heroine. After escaping from the city and a horrible job and boyfriend, Casey finds herself at Summer Hill where she hopes to take a break from the stress of work. Almost immediately she finds a gorgeous, naked man on her front porch, Tate Landers. While initially resistant to his charms, eventually Casey starts falling for him during a theatrical production of Pride and Prejudice. That is until Tate’s devilishly handsome ex-brother-in-law lets it slip that Tate isn’t who he says he is. The plot of Pride and Prejudice plays in the theater and real life for Casey as she must decide who to believe. While it isn't necessarily a deep book, it's a perfect one to take with you on a day to the beach. 

L. Marie Adeline

Cassie Robichaurd lives her life on autopilot after the death of her husband. She's proficient as a waitress at CafĂ© Rose, and while she finds her boss attractive, she doesn't have the energy or courage to do anything about it. Then one day she finds a notebook left behind by a stranger. The contents within change her life forever and propels her on a sexual journey to free herself from her inhibitions. This is a great read for those looking for something a bit more erotic. Read as Cassie slowly breaks the chains holding her down and liberates herself from her own insecurities. More than just a book about sex, it’s a book about self-discovery and female empowerment.

Marrying Winterborne

Rhys Winterborne always gets what he wants, and Lady Helen Ravenel is no exception. The second he sets eyes on her, he immediately wants to take her as his wife. While Helen might seem quiet and timid on the outside, this demeanor belies a quiet strength. As the two slowly build up trust and love for each other, Helen must decide how to tell Rhys her darkest secret. This historical romance weaves together historical events and culture and excellent character development. It's a must-read for anyone who enjoys period romance. 

You can get all of these books as paperbacks or e-books. If you plan to buy a digital version, you might be limited by geo-restrictions or public WiFi dangers. Don’t let that stop you though! You can use a VPN to circumvent geo-restrictions and protect your personal details on public WiFi, allowing you to safely to download these books to your favorite e-reader.

Which one of these books do you plan to pick up? Have you read any of them previously? Let us know in the comments below.  

About the Author: Cassie is a lover of all things related to literature and technology. She hopes this list will encourage you to try out other genres within romance and access them even if you might be geo-restricted. 


Thank you, Cassie!
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