Every writer is a reader too (or should be). What happens when, as a reader, you find a mistake that leaves you puzzled? The magic relationship with the story you were reading is suddenly broken, isn't it?

Let's read and discuss the following post by WriteDivas:

What Stops Me In My Tracks When I’m Reading?

WriteDivas shows how plot holes, dangling participles, and other mistakes can ruin your book. 

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  1. Hey there!

    I really liked this article. I have to admit I was nodding my head as I read. How about this one for an inconstancy: An otherwise good book I read recently, which I won’t name, was set in New York City in 1911. Two real events--the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in Manhattan and the Dreamland fire in Coney Island--were worked into the plot and nicely handled. I love it when an author creates a plot around things that really happened like that. However, at one point the narrator reflects on the Spanish Flu epidemic, which any Twilight fan knows happened in 1918. I had to read the paragraph a few times because I thought I had to be mistaken. Threw me right out of the world the author had created.

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    1. Dear Mollie,

      thanks for joining the discussion and for your comment!!!

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      - Raum


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