Brooke Williams is the author of Accept This Dandelion.

The most difficult scene to write and the easiest scene to write
by Brooke Williams

It is almost always easiest for me to write the very first scene in any book and the same can be said about Accept this Dandelion. I don’t start writing a book until I have the first scene cemented in my mind. The inspiration will hit and the first scene will play itself over and over in my mind until I finally give in and write it down! For Accept this Dandelion, I knew I wanted to start with the main character’s disastrous audition. Her co-workers signed her up for a dating show, a localized version of The Bachelor TV show. She relents to the audition, but nothing goes her way. She’s amazed to be placed on the show, but nothing changes and still everything goes wrong. In a hilarious, dating disaster sort of manner that we, as readers, get to thoroughly enjoy!

The hardest scene came later in the book. I knew that I needed the character to make a trip to the hospital and I wanted her to have some type of sudden reaction to something or an accident of some sort. But that was as far as my idea went. I didn’t know how to make it happen in order to move my idea forward. I actually went to my readers via Facebook and my blog and asked for suggestions. One of the thoughts I got helped me brainstorm her out of the situation I got her in and land her right where I needed her to be! Once I got over that hurdle in this scene, everything flowed nicely. I also often have trouble wrapping things up towards the end of the book. I want it to be dramatic and touching and yet funny at the same time. I have to just trust the characters and my instincts and go with whatever comes out!


Thank you, Brooke! 
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