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MyReadingLounge: "What makes your vampire unique? Why did you decide to write about vampires?"

Lorenz Font: Following in the footsteps of prominent authors of vampire novels—Anne Rice, Stephen King, J.R. Ward—just to name a few, is quite a daunting task for any author, especially a newbie like me. I dare to say it, but there is a big possibility of being labeled a copycat or worse, unimaginative. 

As a lover of vampire stories for most of my adult life, I have come to embrace this mythical creature who not only erotizes the act of feeding but also romanticizes their affection for humans. Be it a frightening or hair-raising impersonation, these creatures have left an indelible mark on our psyche. I, for one, am enamored by their legend.

After reading the Twilight series, I decided to try writing fan fiction. As much as it has helped me in developing my writing skills, piggy-backing on Stephanie Mayer’s concept and characters came to an end. I had the insatiable need to start developing my own stories and characters. Even then, it was quite overwhelming to build a unique concept from scratch. 

The catalyst in this endeavor began when a friend of mine asked me a question which we both believed was rather strange (and stupid) at that time. What if a vampire has Aids? The question got me thinking. I rolled the idea inside my head and waited for it to slowly simmer until it was on full brew. 

My vampires are unique because unlike the myth that vampires are strong and incapable of catching deadly diseases or virus, mine are susceptible to a communicable disease. In taking this route, they are humanized, humbled and even ridiculed. Not your average idea for creatures known for their strength and their superiority. They are hunted and killed by their own to prevent detection by humans and avoid further spread of the incorrigible infection. This affliction made Harrow, the main character and the namesake of the series, to be more sensitive to the feelings of others. This gives the general idea of being weak, and this is a challenge I post to myself as a writer. How can I make him likable and embraceable in spite of his flaws? I will let you and the readers decide for yourselves if I have succeeded in this particular endeavor.   

In developing my plot, I decided to use a less known martial arts as the main fighting technique of the good guys to set them apart from their adversaries. I also patterned a weapon used by practitioners of these particular martial arts to enhance my story. So far, the reviews for the first two installments have been positive. Readers have embraced the concept of the disease among vampires. They can sympathize with the direness of the situation of my infected vampires and their need to feed for survival.

Thank you, Lorenz Font!

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