Amber L. Johnson is the author of Eight Days A Week.

How do you go about crafting your characters and how did you find such a unique voice in your writing?

I really love these questions!

Crafting characters for me has always been fairly easy because they’re usually inspired by people I know. Whether it be through a conversation we’ve had or a relationship they have with another person, I can start to form a new incarnation of them. (Not you, Mom. None of these moms are you. You can stop making faces at me now). They take on different characteristics but they always start as someone familiar to me. As a writer I feel like there’s a little piece of me in at least once character in any given book. Even in Eight Days. Drew is essentially a thirteen year old boy – his sarcasm and humor are very immature. But that’s how my brain works too. I don’t think one day goes by where I don’t say That’s What She Said. Or just make an innuendo. Out. Of. Anything. (I think it’s a gift. My husband doesn’t.)

I’m so flattered that people think I have a unique voice. As a writer, I’ve tried my hand at many genres and topics. I wanted to explore what kind of tone fit best with what I was trying to convey. In the end I found that even when I tried to do angst or heartbreak, I was still cracking jokes and doing dialogue the way I’d speak with anyone I’ve ever met. Humor and sarcasm has always been a defense of mine, so I guess it just comes naturally. I strive to write each chapter like an episode of a television show. Like I should end the chapter at the same time as a commercial break, I guess? That sounds really weird but it about sums it up.

Thank you, Amber!


  1. Thank you SO much for letting me be a guest and for being part of my blog tour <3

  2. Thank you for your guestpost! Congrats on your novel!


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