Anniversary Killer is a mystery/detective story, published by The Writers Coffee Shop. Alex Allred is ready to tell us more about the inspiration behind her new novel:

"Anniversary Killer was originally written almost two decades ago. I was living in Westerville, Ohio when an unusual crime occurred. Yes, just as the character Allie Lindell lives in Westerville, it is a real place with many duck crossings, a lot of rain and, on one fine day, a place of murder.

Like most of my neighbors, I was stunned to see the gorgeous home on the lake burning to the ground. In the days that followed, more and more details came out about the home owner and some rather curious facts about his past. Two things played into these happenings. First, I did know the family of the man whose home had burned down. I knew about a previous murder connected to that man, the crazy details of that murder, of gambling debt rumors, and of his love for his dog. Second, my father actually worked as an obituary writer. True to the character of Allie Lindell, I grew up reading and enjoying obituaries. Can you enjoy an obit? Yeah. In the sense of appreciating the accomplishments and history of another person’s life, there are some really interesting obituaries out there!

As I learned more and more about a business partner who was found murdered in a corn field next to set of burglar tools and wearing a ninja suit … well, come on! As a writer, there was that initial, “No way!” moment and then I knew what I needed to do. You can’t make this stuff up! While nuggets of truth were stolen from the headlines, Allie Lindell and her life as a frustrated (though happy) stay-at-home mom took over the storyline. To this day, Allie is one of my most favorite characters. She makes no pretenses about being brave, super athletic, or even terribly clever (which she is). Rather, she pokes fun at her unexplainable infatuation with death and murder, acknowledges her penchant for lying, and continuously wrestles with why she can’t just be content to sit and watch Disney reruns over and over again with her two young daughters. 

But excites me most about Allie’s character and what makes this a different kind of detective series is that Allie is gay. When I pulled this series out (and dusted it off), I asked The Writer’s Coffee Shop what they thought about making Allie gay. She would have the same relationship issues, same financial woes, and same mom guilt-trips as straight Allie only she just happens to be gay. I’m proud to say that everyone loved the idea. While Anniversary Killer is the third in the Allie Lindell series (check out Roadkill and Sweetbreath), we still had to go back through and change/tweak relationships. It’s no mystery to those who know me that much of Allie’s life is taken from my own, so it was funny when my husband learned he was now a lesbian. Yes, honey, and you’re far more agreeable now!

I’m also super pumped to tell you that the Allie Lindell series is in the “treatment” phase in L.A. for a possible run as a television detective series. There is a giant question mark hanging over it but it’s still hard for me to contain myself at the idea of Allie being on screen. With her sister, the policewoman, and her super K-9 dog (who secretly pacifies on a pillow at night); her sidekick and always the smart-ass, Sandy, a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch; and a nosey but lovable neighbor, it’s a fun cast. Allie’s partner, Rae Ann and her two daughters, Krissy and Kelli, “keep it real” with arguments and diaper changes. I will definitely keep you posted on whether it becomes a TV pilot but you can be sure more Allie stories are coming your way. Oh, and if you know of any really good obituaries … please send them my way."

Thank you, Alex!

ISBN e-book:  978-1-61213-262-4
Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH
Full Summary 

One o’clock and all’s . . . well, not so well, but what’s new in the world of Allie Lindell? Almost a year to the day, Mickey Callahan’s business partner was found dead from a single gunshot wound to the head and nothing but questions surrounding his murder. Now, Mickey is convinced that the same people are out to get him. After a sloppy kidnapping attempt, no one takes him seriously until the body count starts to grow. While the part-time sleuth and full-time mother of two had promised to stay away from murder and mayhem for a while, Allie can’t resist the mystery that practically ignites in her own backyard. The Allie Lindell saga returns with the third book in the series and more drama than ever as Allie continues to struggle to remember the love of her life and partner while trying to keep her head above water as she wades through the underworld of gambling, race horses, and murder.

aallredAlexandra Allred is a former national and professional athlete turned adventure writer turned humorist and novelist. She’s often been called the next Erma Bombeck with a grudge. Her annual Christmas letters, which have frequently made the news, could make the Grinch weep with joy. For a taste of holiday glee, see http://www.allredgreetings.blogspot.com Allred is a writer of fiction and nonfiction alike, but is most proud of the Allie Lindell series. Several close friends from her sports background and personal life have been the source of inspiration for the books. And just like Allie Lindell, Allred grew up with a father who taught her the love of reading a good obituary column. Allred writes for Waxahachie Daily Light newspaper, continues to testify in Washington D.C. on behalf of children with asthma and our need for clean air, and she’s never too far from her gym in Midlothian, Texas. You can always drop her a note at www.alexandratheauthor.com.

"Another humorous Allie story, and it was nice to see her sister joining the gang."  - Andrea Goodreads Review
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