"I love that woman." says Francis "Frank" Underwood, talking about his wife and partner in crime, but then he adds, "I love her more than sharks love blood."

Claire and Frank
If you're a fan of House of Cards, you know a lot about Francis, especially because he often breaks the fourth wall. But according to Judy Berman, "It's Claire Underwood who propels the show through its second season — perhaps partially because [...] Wright has so gracefully molded an inconsistently written role into a complex, conflicted character."

If you're fascinated (or scared...) by Claire, don't miss The Mystery of Claire Underwood.

Have you ever wanted to yell at Frank, "What's your problem?" The following article is the right one to understand what's his problem: Francis “Frank” J. Underwood From Netflix’s House of Cards: A Textbook Case of Antisocial Personality Disorder, by Shaili Jain, MD.

According to Shaili Jain, "Individuals with antisocial personality disorder (or sociopaths) are difficult and dangerous; they deny, lie, and contribute to all manner of mayhem in our communities and societies. They know full well what is going on around them and know the difference between right and wrong (and hence are fully responsible for their own behaviors) yet are simply unconcerned about such moral dilemmas." It fits the profile, right?

Who do you consider more dangerous? Frank or Claire?

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