Have you ever gotten into the mindset of a special character? What about getting into the mindset of a First Lady?

Venita Ellick did it in her novel The Reluctant First Lady

Here's her writing experience:

How do you get into the mindset of a First Lady?

"I didn’t find it hard. As I wrote the story, I closed my eyes and imagined how I would feel in each situation. I could see the scene in my mind, like a play, and I would write the feeling tone of what I felt in the dialogue. That’s really all a writer can do.  Create, imagine, decide how much of your own perspective, your bias, to include in the story.

Having been a working mom with many demands, tugs and pulls on my time from all of the factions of my life, it made it easy to imagine Ashley’s scenario".

Thanks, Venita!

Dear Readers and Writers, your comments are always welcome.  
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