Choosing a Point of View (POV) for your story is one of the most important decisions you have to make. 

I hope the following chart will help you. It's also a good tool to examine other writers' stories. 

Happy Writing!

- Raum



  1. Hi Raum!
    Thanks for posting this chart!
    I totally agree with you that POV is very important in the decision making process.
    Sometimes the author's choice of POV can be a distraction when reading.

    For example, when reading ELJames Fifty series, which is written in First Person Singular, Distant(present tense)
    I found it to be quite an adjustment compared to the other kinds of POV I was used to.
    Most authors dont even use First Person, let alone writing in present tense.
    I enjoyed this in reading ELJames story, even though I find I have to go through an adjustment process in the beginning.
    Once I get into it, it becomes less and less of a distraction and I enjoy the ride.

    I remember Stephanie Meyers telling us in an interview that she was told you cannot publish in First Person.
    It was cool that she did, and opened up a whole new opportunity for future budding authors!

    Have a great day, Raum !


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