Do you listen to music while you read? Do you have favorite songs that help you concentrate?

I've found a playlist with the intriguing title "Music for Reading" and thought you might enjoy it.

Here you go:

It's pretty relaxing, so it can help you to get ready for a nap or a peaceful sleep.
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  1. Hello Raum,

    Listening to music while reading is an intriguing idea....
    I usually like it quiet, because when I do listen to music, its very active listening.
    (When I read, its like I'm in another world, and most music would pull me back to this one)

    I guess a better way of saying this is, when I do choose to listen, its music I love so much,
    I don't want to do anything else! (Well, maybe dance, or move somehow)

    For example, when I drive, I always listen to trance from Armin VanBuuren or Dash Berlin,
    or Above and Beyond. Youtube vids featuring Armin always have cars and driving, and
    sometimes the camera is on the dash.
    I have a dream of driving the Swiss Autoban in my R8 while listening to
    Armin...He is great. A combination composer/DJ. Whoever the driver is on these vids is amazing.

    However, there have been periods when I have read fanfiction online while
    listening to a type of trance, that is sort of backround relaxation music.
    I have cooked while playing classical and Christmas classical music, and it's great.

    George Lucas wrote Star Wars while listening to music.
    I know many famous authors write while listening.
    Of course, most of us know that Stephanie Meyer listened to
    Muse and others while writing Twilight.

    I find music distracting. I want it to distract me! I don't know if I could write to it.
    I guess it's another new thing I could try.

    Thanks for this blog entry, Raum!
    You always give me something that expands my mind...
    I find this rare in others, and this is one reason you are so precious.

    PS. I dont actually own an R8-yet...one of my dreams.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! Your feedback is always a precious gift!

      All the best,

      - Raum


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