Here's the solution to Mike Walker's "Gossip Game" question, posted on November 2:

The Question:

This star, who’s famous for playing a big-screen superhero, shocked cast and crew on the set of his latest flick when – after flubbing a line on-camera – he suddenly broke into ear-splitting barks and howls, like a wounded dog. Freaked by his batty behavior, everyone froze…but a moment later, our star calmly stepped back into character and nailed the scene. Later that day, after flubbing a line again, our star instantly started yipping and yowling like a werewolf in heat – then stopped abruptly, signaled for a retake and delivered his dialogue perfectly. And later, during a break, our star explained to his bewildered co-workers that his mad dog outbreaks are just his way of clearing his head.

So, Gossip Fans, who is our yipping, yowling star? Was it:

A)   Henry Cavill, (Superman)
B)   Chris Hemsworth, (Thor)
C)  Robert Downey Jr., (Iron Man)
D)  Val Kilmer, (Batman)
The Solution:

Val Kilmer


Had you guessed it?

I hope you will enjoy Mike Walker's novel, Out For Blood.
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