I've been spending the last months enjoying the whole Harry Potter Saga. I fell in love with the books, to the point that I now call "Happy Potter" the time I can spend reading them and dreaming about Hogwarts.

This inspiring article by Michelle V. Rafter offers 10 good reasons why J. K. Rowling's works are precious not just for millions of readers around the world, but also for writers.

Happy writing!

- Raum

10 Things J.K. Rowling Taught Me About Writing (by Michelle V. Rafter)

Here’s what Rowling and my Harry Potter experience taught me about writing: 

1. Persistence counts. 

Rowling got the idea for the Harry Potter in 1990 and spent the next 17 years working on it before finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007. Seventeen years – that’s as long as it takes a kid to go from kindergarten through high school. 

The takeaway: You may start out loving a project but the day may come – days, weeks or months into it – you’re so bored, frustrated or fed up you want to scream or put it away forever. But look what can happen if you gut it out. 

2. Think things through. 

Rowling wrote in the biography on her website that she was on a train when the idea for Harry Potter “fell into my head.” She didn’t have paper or pen, so for the four-hour train ride all she could do was... [read the full article]
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