Today I'm offering you new quotes by famous writers about writing:

"Write about what makes you different." 
-- Sandra Cisneros 

"If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." 
-- Toni Morrison 

"Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers." 
-- Ray Bradbury 

I particularly like the one by Toni Morrison. It's one of the most important reasons why I began to write in the first place, and I'm very fond of fanfiction because I enjoy how it gives you the opportunity to write the story you wanted your favorite characters to have. 

I've found some of these quotes thanks to Creative Writing Now, http://www.creative-writing-now.com/. This website offers online writing classes. I've tried only the free online course: http://www.creative-writing-now.com/free-online-writing-courses.html. It's good!

Do you know other free writing courses or books available online? 

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome! 

- Raum


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