Today's guest is ManderBetis. She won the Twilight of Craigslist AD Contest with her story Beautiful Girl with the Baseball Bat, which we're going to discuss. 
Summary:  Beautiful Girl with the Baseball Bat - Port Angeles. 1st place in the Twilight of Craigslist AD Contest part one!

Raum: Hi ManderBetis! Would you like to tell us more about 'Beautiful Girl with the Baseball Bat'?

ManderBetis: I came up with the idea after listening to a Glee song Bust Your Windows and knew about the contest but had no intention of writing anything. Until my co-worker said that the song was her kinda crazy and poof a beautiful bat wielding Bella came to life :)

R.: Who is your favorite character in the Twilight Saga and why?

MB: Edward, of course! I loved his gentleness, his protectiveness and the kisses on the neck. . .
But then I found fanfic, more specifically Windchymes and fell hard for her stories and her Edwards. I think she captures the realness that Twilight is lacking; her characters actually talk through their issues and come out stronger at the end.

R.: Would you describe your writing process?
MB: My writing process is ridiculous. I write whenever the mood strikes and never write anything in order. I usually write little 'scenes' and later fit everything together.

R.: Would you describe your relationship with your readers?

MB: It's honest. I try and respond to every review and have been beyond fortunate to have only received one truly negative review. I love the truthful reviews that go in depth about my Edward & Bella, as in real life a different perspective can shed new light on something.  I have changed directions in a story because of one amazing reviewer.
Oh and I met my best friend after she read and reviewed my first story. She's amazing and never comments about my horrible grammar and prereads everything I write! 

Thank you, ManderBetis!
Here's a blinkie for "Beautiful Girl with the Baseball Bat," courtesy of MyReadingLounge. Go read this story and the other contest entries, too!

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